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Be among the thousands of students who aced their A-Level Chemistry, O-Level Chemistry, and IP Chemistry exams under Twig! 

Thank you for visiting Twig Learning Center, the tried and tested Premier Centre that specializes in A-Level Chemistry, O level Chemistry, and IP (Integrated Program) Chemistry Tuition in Singapore!

If you have been recommended by friends to our center and would simply like to check for vacancies please visit the class schedule and call or text us. If you are new to us, allow us to give you a brief introduction about ourselves. Twig Learning Center is a Premier tuition center in Singapore, specialising in A-Level Chemistry, O-Level, and IP Chemistry. The founder is Mr Donnell Koh, a popular ex-lecturer from Raffles Junior College and Meridian Junior College. Mr Koh has coached thousands of students with more than 20 years teaching experience. Our motto is to provide the best A-Level Chemistry tuition, O-Level tuition, and IP Chemistry tuition. 97% of students who attend our lessons have shown improvement in ther results and moved on to score distinctions in their Chemistry exams. We are here to motivate and inspire students to appreciate and understand Chemistry by having lessons that are clear, interesting and engaging. Each lesson is broken down into concept explanation followed by problem solving. You will never know what you do not know until you attend the lessons! If you would like to find out more, feel free to read what other of our past students have to say about us on our testimonial page.

To top that, there will be some pre-lesson videos to prep you for the upcoming lessons and some post-lesson videos to recap the important points in the lessons via whatsapp. After every topic there will be an online MCQ test to check on your understanding and feedback will be given immediately.

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The Founder, Mr. Donnell Koh

Mr Donnell Koh of Twig Learning Center has experience teaching the A-Level Syllabus and understands how to get you focus on key concepts and most importantly apply them with ease. He graduated from NUS Chemical Engineering with 2nd Upper Honours. He used to work as Chemical Engineer however deep inside he always wanted to be a teacher, so after 3 years of working in the private sector, he enrolled into National Institute of Education (NIE) to get his Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

chemistry tuition

Since my first lesson, I have found Mr Koh's lessons to be very helpful and informative. His notes are clear cut, without any unnecessary information, which really speed up my learning process. Coupled with you continuously going through with us questions to develop that much needed rigour for chemistry, I was able to improve tremendously. Mr Koh was also patient with my questions and would not hesitate to spend extra time out of lesson to answer my queries. I managed to get an A for chem!

CHEE YIT 2015 - 2016

I am very thankful to have had Mr Koh tutor me A-Level Chemistry for the past 2 years. His interpretive notes and experience in teaching really allowed me to understand the concepts of each topic a lot better. Whenever I had doubts, Mr Koh was more than willing to take the time after class to give me additional coaching. In addition, when examinations were nearing, he even opened up slots during the study break for us to consult him individually. He also provides many practices, equipping students with the right skills for examinations. His dedication and patience allowed me to improve drastically, scoring an A for H2 Chemistry. I would definitely recommend him to my juniors! Thank you Mr Koh!!

JOLIE AW 2015 - 2016