Chemistry In Medicine

By Donnell Koh | 3 March 2019 | Uncategorized

When you see a label on the package of medicines, you will notice a few ingredients besides the active drug. Having knowledge of chemistry helps the doctor or nurse know how the drug should be given or how it acts. For example, the pain killer “ibuprofen” with its quantity mentioned as 100mg. It is labelled as coated tablets. This means, the tablets have a special coating so as to release the medicine only in the intestine. The usual tablets will […]

Tips on Studying Chemistry

By Donnell Koh | 25 February 2019 | Uncategorized

A-Level Chemistry at H2 level is a challenging subject to master. It requires one to have a firm understanding of the concepts and also the ability to make connections between the topics. Scoring an A for Chemistry at H2 Level is not an easy feat, however most students can still improve if given the proper teaching and guidance. Getting a tutor who is able to explain difficult concepts in a simple and easily comprehensible way can be more efficient than […]

Online Learning

By Donnell Koh | 25 February 2019 | Uncategorized

Channel News Asia reported on 16 August 2017 that Singapore’s Ministry of Education would be launching an online learning portal next year to complement conventional classroom learning. Currently being piloted at select primary and secondary schools, the “Singapore Student Learning Space” will ultimately cover all schools including junior colleges and tertiary institutions in Singapore. I was excited my this initiative, which is a testament to the government’s constant effort in bringing innovations to education, which many Singaporeans attach great value […]

Handwritten Notes vs. Digital Notes: Which is Better?

By Donnell Koh | 24 February 2019 | Tips

Students of today’s generation are lucky enough to be able to experience the advantages of the ever improving methods of learning. Centers like Twig Learning Center A-Level Chemistry tuition serves as a supplementary learning for children that enables them to reach their highest potential as learners. While this is true, we greatly believe that each student still has his or her own learning techniques that works best for them. Note-taking is one of the most effective tools in studying. Doing […]

Should You Enroll in a Tuition Class?

By Donnell Koh | 24 February 2019 | Tips

Who do you call when there’s a leak in your bathroom or kitchen sink? A plumber. Who do you contact if there is an emergency in your neighbourhood? The police. Who do you go to when you’re hungry but you’re too lazy to cook food? The delivery guy. Now, who do you go to when you need help with your academics? It has been proven several times that the best person to approach is a tutor. They are subject experts […]