4 tips on approaching O-Level, IP and JC Chemistry Exams

Chemistry at any educational level can be a difficult subject to grasp.

The main difference between O-Level Chemistry and JC Chemistry is that the latter’s questions tend to be more in-depth, requires more focus on facts, more attention on the comprehension of information and the application of scientific concepts when answering.

On top of concepts and processes, students also have to memorize and understand formulaes and how they affect elements and compounds.

The good news is that there are tips and tricks on how to approach chemistry examinations.

Remember and utilize how keywords are used in structured questions

It will be a useful to refer to a list of chemistry keywords to assist in examinations. This will ensure that the context of each chemistry examination question can be fully understood so that it can be followed by the appropriate steps to answering. For example, keywords and techniques for “Find the mole” and “ionic equations” should be noted.

Memorise chemical reactions

Another tip is to expose the student to frequently tested chemical reactions that are most likely to come out during chemistry examinations. An example is how ammonia turns moist red litmus paper blue and how when a burning splint is introduced to a sample of pure hydrogen gas, it will burn with a popping sound.

Practice balancing equations

Being able to balance equations will help in scoring for examinations. To make a chemical equation equal in both reactants and products, it is essential that students understands how to put coefficients in front of the symbols or formulations as needed.

Use acronyms

Utilize chemical acronyms when studying and memorizing as it helps answering questions. For example, “Please Stop Calling Me A Zebra Instead Tell Laura How Copper Strengthens Gold” is useful because it aids with recall.

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