Maximising Study Time: Studying Based on Your Learning Style

Maximising Study Time: Studying Based On Your Learning Style

Everyone has a unique learning style. People fall into four types: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing. Personalised study sessions with these types in mind are wildly effective in maximising study time and content retention. Finally, do away with stress-inducing sittings that find you cramming your head with content. Instead, have your next study session be smooth and easy, and let the understanding flow to you simpler than ever by catering your learning to your personal preferences.

1. Visual learners

Visual learners find studying easier when there are visual examples and diagrams for them to refer to when studying. A teacher’s verbal teaching style might not engage visual learners enough for them to consume what is being taught. For these students, consider jotting down notes and looking for visual aids to help facilitate learning.

Drawing diagrams of concepts being taught can help tremendously and aid these students to visualise how processes are carried out through flow charts and shapes. Visual learners do well with analysing the relationships between what they are studying and seek to know the patterns that exist within these scientific processes. If you’re a visual learner, get hands-on with your learning and draw out what you know (and what you don’t!) to seek out mysteries.

2. Auditory learners

Auditory learners study best when hearing out concepts that are being taught. Speaking and then analysing the idea they have just verbalised often works better than thinking things through and talking after. These learners do well with listening intently during class and discussing their ideas with others.

For application during study, auditory learners can verbally repeat information they have read to understand lesson topics better. Moreover, recording lectures and playing them back can tremendously help these students. For the adventurous types, get out there and discuss lesson concepts with peers! Having a fresh perspective and verbalising your understanding and doubts can do wonders.

3. Kinesthetic learners

Kinesthetic learners remember concepts best by getting hands-on with their learning. Having tactile examples to aid them, such as learning models and simulations, can encourage learning effectively.

Getting their hands dirty is the best way to learn for kinesthetic learners. Recreate experiments, apply and practice concepts, and consider doing these with friends to share the workload to avoid burnout. Practical application can sound tiring, but balancing these with your needs and making the process fun with friends can be very rewarding.

For solo adventurers, taking a walk while listening to lecture recordings can scratch the itch that requires tactile learning. Keeping things exciting is vital! Pace around your room while reading notes or even study in a different room in your home for variety.

4. Reading/Writing learners

Text reigns supreme for learners who prefer reading and writing. Keep this in mind when approaching your studies. Practice written assessments and quizzes, and keep a notebook to jot down and customise your notes. Your written work is your safe haven, and a personalised approach to note-taking can do wonders!

An effective way to memorise concepts would be to read and re-write information that may need to be revised. The continuous repetition of this learning style through re-writing the subject matter can help with content retention and make tough subjects feel more familiar to students. Read through past notes regularly (perhaps on a weekly basis) to have a refresher on the content as a learning style.


It’s not about being a bad student or thinking specific topics are impossible to grasp. By utilising your unique learning style to your advantage, conquering any subject will be within reach! Use this guide to aid you along your academic path, and come back to it for pointers if you’re ever feeling stuck.

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