Tips And Tricks To Memorising Chemistry Concepts

Tips And Tricks To Memorising Chemistry Concepts

Being good at memorisation is an essential ability that will help you pass and excel in difficult subjects like Chemistry. While Chemistry does not have as many formulas as Mathematics or Physics, it contains plenty of chemical names, concepts, and equations that students need to familiarise themselves with in order to perform well in exams. A student who is good at memorisation will essentially have an easier time applying their knowledge properly.

Indeed, the reason for studying Chemistry and taking an H2, O-Level, or JC Chemistry tuition is to build your knowledge and prepare yourself for exams. Hence, it is important that you understand every Chemistry concept and have it at your fingertips so you can keep remembering it. If you are currently having trouble memorising Chemistry concepts, this article might be of great help to you!

Read on to discover tips to help you remember Chemistry concepts better.

1. Use acronyms, mnemonics, and visualisation tools

Using acronyms and mnemonics is one of the most classic ways to make memorisation much easier. An example of an acronym in Chemistry is “Fat Cat,” which refers to the statement “electrons flow From Anode To Cathode.” Aside from acronyms, you can also use mnemonics to help you recall information. For instance, “Please Stop Calling Me A Coloured Zebra” is used by many Chemistry students to help them remember the electrochemical series.

If you are a visual learner, you should also consider using visualisation tools like charts and diagrams. Using these different visualisation tools is an effective technique that can assist you in improving the way you memorise things. Through the use of charts and diagrams, you can have a visual reference to help you recall Chemistry concepts and formulas more easily and for longer periods.

2. Prepare some cue cards

When you break up complex Chemistry concepts into smaller pieces and write them on pocket-friendly cue cards, you will have the ability to review your Chemistry lessons on the go, wherever you may be. On each cue card, you may put either a Chemistry definition or a practice question on its front and the answers on its back. Cue cards are designed to be an alternative method for absorbing information slowly. As such, they are not meant to be used for cramming a lot of information just before an exam.

3. Make handwritten notes as you go along

Based on numerous studies, the act of writing can help you retain information more effectively. This means that jotting down Chemistry concepts on a piece of paper can actually aid you in remembering them better. Moreover, having handwritten notes can serve as your revision notes, especially when you do not have much time to revise for your exams. Compared to just reading from textbooks or handouts, you will find it easier to remember Chemistry concepts when you write them down.

4. Coach a classmate or a junior student

Learning through teaching is an excellent study method that you should not underestimate. Sometimes, there are certain topics that you can comprehend better than your classmates. In that case, it is best for you to explain and educate your peers, as it also prompts you to review the concepts so that you do not embarrass yourself by teaching incorrect information. Moreover, by coaching your classmates, you can engage with various approaches towards giving a good explanation to Chemistry lessons.

5. Clear any doubts before you start memorising

Before you begin memorising, it is important to clear any doubts or questions that you may formulate over the course of studying Chemistry with your school teacher or tutor. The purpose of this is to prevent any confusion while trying to remember definitions or formulas, which will not make studying as efficient and may even be counterproductive since you may remember lessons incorrectly.

Therefore, before you proceed to memorisation, try to have a complete understanding of the materials first. This will enable you to not only recall the lessons faster and more effectively but also to know when you should make use of them when approaching Chemistry exams. Meanwhile, if you start memorising a certain topic without mastering it first, you may eventually find yourself intimidated by foreign information, and this will stifle your efforts towards studying Chemistry in a fun way.


Without a doubt, a student who excels at memorising concepts and ideas will find it a lot easier to apply their Chemistry knowledge appropriately. Although memorisation is not the only way to master Chemistry, it will surely help you score high on your exams. As such, you should begin sharpening your memorisation skills now if you wish to improve your study of Chemistry and perform better on your tests.

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