What Is Deep Work And How Does It Help You To Learn Better?

What Is Deep Work And How Does It Help You To Learn Better?

In today’s digital age, many people find it difficult to complete their best work due to a variety of distractions from technology. These distractions can constantly take up substantial amounts of your time and attention, which is especially problematic if you are still a student. As focus and productivity are essential components of success in school, lacking these qualities may cause you to struggle to pass your subjects.

If you are one of those many students who find it hard to concentrate on your studies these days, consider signing up for some tuition classes to help you develop good study habits. Another great solution is to build deep work into your day-to-day routine. If you have no idea what deep work means, read on as this article explains what deep work is and its benefits.

What is Deep Work?

Deep work, also sometimes referred to as “deep focus,” is a state of utmost concentration that enables you to learn difficult things and produce high-quality work fast. The term was first coined by a computer science professor named Cal Newport, who is best known for authoring the book Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World.

In the said book, deep work was defined by Newport as a state of distraction-free focus in which your brain operates at its peak potential. According to the deep work theory, in order to be truly productive, people need to log out of every communication tool uninterruptedly for long periods of time daily.

Although you might find it impossible to step away completely from your communication tools, you should try to have at least 60 to 90 minutes of distraction-free work at a time. In essence, deep work involves the completion of demanding tasks efficiently by being able to concentrate without interruption.

The Advantages of Deep Work

1. Helps you avoid distractions

Getting rid of distractions is a core aspect of deep work, and for a good reason. Basically, when you switch between different tasks, a chunk of your attention gets stuck on the previous task. So, even when you return to completing the new task, a part of your brain is still thinking about the previous task you just attended to.

This phenomenon is referred to as “attention residue,” and it significantly affects your productivity and output quality. Based on research, it can take about 20 minutes to regain momentum following an interruption. This means that if you get distracted twice in an hour, you lose about two-thirds of your concentration time.

2. Rewires your brain

Deep work is an excellent way to learn new skills fast. When you focus deeply, your brain tends to bind learning pathways and strengthen the links between neurons so they can fire more quickly. This means that when you concentrate intensely on a particular skill, you are essentially rewiring your brain to enable yourself to perform such a skill more efficiently. Moreover, based on research, rewiring can only occur when you focus on one task at a time while avoiding distraction.

3. Increases your work quality

When you work and concentrate deeply, you can learn difficult subjects and create quality work quickly. This is why practising deep work is highly advised for students, especially those studying challenging subjects like Chemistry. Generally, deep work benefits your overall performance or quality of work. By focusing deeply, you can achieve your peak performance or highest value output, which can feel very fulfilling in the end.


There is no doubt that completing tasks has become harder for everyone these days when digital distractions are everywhere. With that said, you can still possibly reach your highest potential by practising deep work every day. There are lots of benefits that come with building deep work into your daily routine. Ultimately, it can help you produce excellent work at all times and learn things better, even those that you find challenging.

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