All our lessons have gone online with the current COVID situation but fret not….

The online classes are highly interactive. Students interact with the teacher via WhatsApp, Chat, or simply unmute and speak. During lessons,  students are asked to submit their work via WhatsApp. The work submitted is displayed for discussion or marked on the spot by the teacher. This not only makes the lesson more engaging but also allows us to see the common mistakes made by students. Students participate in the lively discussion via the chat feature in Zoom and this was originally not possible in the class setting but now more students now dare to ‘speak’ up.  All lessons are also video recorded and students can review them after class.


Mr. Koh has also conducted many mid-week extra lessons and quizzes to give students more hands-on practice on top of the regular lessons. And many students felt these lessons really benefitted them as the work done is highly targetted and highly effective. The MCQ quizzes conducted too come with full video solution so students are able to see how Mr. Koh solves theses questions live and they can repeat using the same method for the next question.

For students who need some extra 1 to 1 help, they can arrange and meet Mr. Koh online on the Zoom platform for a free consultation to help answer their questions and clarify their doubts. All these measures have been put in place to ensure students get all the help they need to transform their A level Chemistry or H2 chemistry grade and achieve their dream of getting into their desired course at the University

Video Testimonials from Batch of 2019

2020 Twig JC1 Post Promo Chemistry Masterclass

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2020 Twig HeadStart Chemistry Classes

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2021 Twig Chemistry Timetable OUT NOW!

WE HAVE HEARD YOU! In 2021, we will be having dedicated classes for IP schools and we are excited to start our Chemistry IB classes too. Our highly sought-after teachers have taught in the respective IP/IB schools so rest assured you will be getting the best help available!

Download 2021 A-Level, IB, IP and O-Level Timetable.

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2020 Twig Chemistry Timetable

The timetable for 2020 is out now. Please download the time table.

JC chemistry tuition


2021 JC1 Chemistry Tuition Scheme of Work

  1. Mole Concept
  2. Atomic Structure
  3. Redox
  4. Chemical Bonding
  5. Gases
  6. Energetics I
  7. Energetics II (Gibbs Free Energy)
  8. Reaction Kinetics
  9. Chemical Equilibrium
  10. Intro to Organic Chem (Isomerism)
  11. Alkanes
  12. Alkenes
  13. The Periodic Table
  14. Arenes

2021 JC2 Chemistry Tuition Scheme of Work

  1. Halogenoalkanes
  2. Ionic Equilibrium
  3. Solubility Equilibrium
  4. Hydroxy Compounds
  5. Carbonyl
  6. Carboxylic Acids
  7. Nitrogen Compounds
  8. Electrochemistry
  9. Group 2
  10. Group 17
  11. Transition Metal




What can I expect from the JC Chemistry Tuition classes?

  1. Concise notes are provided for every topic.
  2. Copyrighted summary Cheat Sheets for every topic.
  3. Challenging A level and typical prelim questions are done during lessons for each topic.
  4. Also Additional prelim and A level questions with model answers are provided for additional self-practice.
  5. Likewise Small class size for better learning environment.
  6. Free 1 to 1 consultation.
  7. Furthermore Use of interactive SMARTboard to engage students and facilitate learning.
  8. As well as lessons are screen-recorded for students to review if neccessary.
  9. Video summaries are shared with students at the end of every week after lessons to highlight key lesson points.
  10. As a matter of fact quizzes and mini tests are given after every topic and marked to reinforce students understanding and to re-emphasise the key words .
  11. Also you can Whatsapp Mr Koh if you have any questions on O level Chemistry or doubts to clarify.
  12. Read the testimonials! You have to attend the lesson to experience it yourself!

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