Twig Learning Center is the preferred choice for A Level, IP and O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore.We recommend you to check for vacancies. Please visit the class schedule and call or text us. If you are new to us, allow us to give you a brief introduction about ourselves. As a matter of fact, Twig Learning Center is a premier tuition center in Singapore, specializing in A Level, O Level and IP Chemistry. Moreover, the founder is Mr Donnell Koh, an ex-lecturer from Raffles Junior College and Meridian Junior College. Comparatively with other tutors, Mr. Koh has coached thousands of students and has more than 20 years teaching experience..

We provide the best A Level, O Level and IP Chemistry tuition. 97% of students who attend our lessons have shown improvement in their results and moved on to score distinctions in their Chemistry exams. We are here to motivate and inspire students to appreciate and understand Chemistry by having lessons that are clear, interesting and engaging. Keeping in line with the curriculum, each lesson is broken down into concept explanation, followed by problem solving. You will never know what you do not know until you attend the lessons! If you would like to find out more, feel free to read what our past students have to say about us on our testimonial page.