No, it is not necessary. However many people still pay top dollar for the best teachers/coaches to get enable their children to reach the fullest potential. Research has shown that students unlucky enough to have a succession of poor teachers lagged behind. If the teacher is second-best, the students will still suffer. I am a parent myself. I understand that children need some form of scaffolding to support them in their studies. If my children can get the best tutors to guide them along the way, this will ease their burden in understanding and shorten their learning curve. ‘A’ level is of a much higher standard than ‘O’ level. Ask any student who has taken the ‘A’ level and he/she will agree. It would be wise to get help early.

Engaging a home tutor, the student will be given more attention. The tutor can help answer whatever questions the students may have during in the lesson. The student or tutor can choose to cancel or rearrange lesson. However, there is no lesson plan and it is not so easy to find a good and reliable home tutor. Many part-time tutors who have not taught in a Junior College may not have the relevant experience to teach the ‘A’ Level syllabus competently.

Joining a tuition center that specializes in the subject will ensure that there is a planned scheme of work. During lessons, the teachers will give their carefully prepared notes, tests and exams. You can leave everything to the tutor and trust that he or she has the experience and track record to help you achieve what you want with minimum effort. A center with a good track record will be able to guide the students to succeed in the subject. You get the best tutor at an affordable price as the cost is shared with the rest of the class. Parents and students understand that the ‘A’ level is just a short 2 years. So it is critical that students join a center that has good tutors to ensure that students learn effectively.

The school fees is $420 for a 4-lesson month. Every year, we have achieved about 90% A and B for A-level H2 Chemistry. We are confident of maintaining this standard regardless of the student’s existing standard, but we need to be given sufficient time. It will be easier for us to help you if you join early.

Seat booking is completed only upon successful fee payment on a first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, it is strongly recommended to pay up the fee as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

We specialize only in Chemistry. The advantage of specialization is that we offer many classes so students can attend another class to make-up. Naturally the weekend classes will be bigger than the weekday classes due to the last minute make up. However you need to whatspp the admin at 83387476 to check on availability.

All lessons are also screen-recorded. So if you miss any lessons you can watch the video with the complete notes as if you are attending an actual class. Students who have attended the lessons too can watch the recording to review the lessons if necessary at no extra cost. All these are done to ensure complete learning takes place.

Yes. Students can just pay for the trial and decide if the class is suitable to continue.

Students are free to ask questions during lessons. In fact, we encourage interaction. Students are also welcome to stay back after lesson for clarification of any doubts they may have regarding the lesson. Separate one-to-one consultation on ad-hoc basis can also be arranged upon request but the tutor must be given advance notice and the students must come before the regular class starts.

Each lesson is broken down into concept explanation followed by problem solving. We will teach the students how to think smart and study smart. Students are taught to form links across the different Chemistry topics. This will better prepare them to solve integrated application questions. Mr Donnell Koh has spent more than 10 years as a lecturer, teaching and crafting exam questions. He has immense experience to help students prepare for the Chemistry exams. By joining us and working together as a team, students will be able to achieve the grades they desire.

If you want to find out more about how we have fared over the years, its best you read the students’ testimonials. Many of my students have written for me long testimonials and I am really thankful and touched. But really these students deserve all the praise for their perseverance and hard work. I am really proud of them and that is what motivates me to work even harder.

Mr Koh may provide individual tuition provided time permits. You can drop us an email at or whatsapp us at 83387476 to check with us.