Importance of O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

O Level Chemistry is one of the core subjects in the Secondary Science curriculum in Singapore. However, many students may find Chemistry to be slightly different than the other two subjects – Physics and Biology – due to the overall nature of the study. It is safe to say that Chemistry is a multidisciplinary subject, requiring students to not only understand the basic composition and behaviour of matter but also form connections between it and other fields, such as Mathematics.

As a result, it is common for many students to struggle with O Level Chemistry. In such situations, enrolling into the best O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore with Twig Learning Center can help you to achieve an A in your examination and be more interested in the subject!

O Level Chemistry Tuition Singapore

How Our O Level Chemistry Tuition Classes Are Taught

We highly recommend students to start early when it comes to learning Chemistry. This is because much of Chemistry relies heavily on foundational topics that are taught at the start of the curriculum. If you face difficulties in comprehending Chemistry concepts and techniques, you may find it increasingly challenging to solve problems or answer questions effectively in your exams.

Our Sec 3 Chemistry tuition, which extends to Sec 4 as well, will allow you to build a strong academic start. Through the use of extensive study notes, technology, and holding personal consultations, there are many ways in which students can seek assistance whenever they need it. In addition, our classes are carefully planned to make sure that the topics covered are explained thoroughly.


We also have a laboratory that we use to carry out experiments. Since Chemistry is a practical subject, there are many concepts that cannot be simply taught in the classroom. At Twig Learning Center, students can look forward to meaningful and fascinating demonstrations, as well as scientific experiments.

As one of the best O Level Chemistry tuition in Singapore, our lessons are taught by qualified O Level Chemistry tutor in Singapore who has ample expertise. Each of our O Level Chemistry tutor is evaluated by us based on their expertise, skills, and ability to motivate students.

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We also provide crash courses in March, June, September, and December that can be of help, especially to weaker students. During these months, you will have additional support in catching up with previous chapters and revising critical chapters. Newcomers are encouraged to attend these courses in order to integrate better into the existing classes without feeling overwhelmed.

O Level Chemistry Tuition

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