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I joined twig when I was getting really desperate at my chem and within one lesson I was able to understand miles more than I could understand from my own school notes! Mr Koh really simplified the concepts into something that was much easier for me to understand which gave me a really strong foundation in being able to keep up with the school curriculum! his notes are short, sweet, and straight to the point, often including some extra facts so that it’ll feel less boring and questions relating to a specific part that was taught. I like the flow and structure of his lessons, which is teaching a small section, then applying what we learned to a question straight after. it may seem very long n tedious but it was very efficient because it helped a lot in retaining the information better. I joined towards the end of j1 but I saw an immediate improvement in my first test in j2 where I finally got an A, which I’ve also consistently maintained throughout j2 and in A levels 🙂 nearer exam season and A-level prep, he has focused worksheets on revision and materials which have a mix of both challenging and moderate questions which I found were very useful! esp for school exams! his guidebooks and his little tips and tricks on how to understand the concepts, and answer questions were very very helpful. he was also very approachable and I’m glad I had an amazing teacher who I could go to anytime I needed help with my chemistry questions.

if you’re looking for good chemistry tuition come to twig! it really was very worth it for me and I took away a lot 🙂 every week was very fun and interesting! thank you Mr Koh for inspiring me to love Chemistry again !

Alayna KamSt Andrews Junior College

Chem is a subject that is easy to struggle in as there are many concepts that are difficult to visualize. I remember falling behind in several chapters and performing badly for my common test in J1 as I couldn’t grasp a fundamental concept that was taught earlier in the year. Thankfully, my chemistry grades were salvaged once I came under Mr Koh’s tutelage as he patiently explained everything, making sure that I understood it to the finest detail. His teaching methodology and lesson plans are also carefully designed to cater to the needs of students of different learning abilities, making it easy for us students to follow through his classes. His dedication and passion in ensuring that his students truly understand what he has taught is shown in everything he does – staying until 11pm just to answer queries that his students may have, bringing theory into life by conducting mini experiments in class and tirelessly compiling difficult but common questions that are tested for each type of exam be it common tests, prelims, or the A levels. Mr Koh has certainly been one of the best tutors I’ve ever had, and I would definitely recommend him to my friends and juniors!

Alicia GohRaffles Institution

Mr Koh is a dedicated and excellent teacher!! My results improved drastically after I joined his lessons. He’s very approachable and never hesitates to answer any of our questions! I strongly recommend attending his lessons 🙂

Angel LeeYishun Innova Junior College

I joined Twig after JC1, and Mr Koh helped me clarify any questions that I had very promptly and taught the Chemistry topics in a very clear and detailed manner. This helped me improve my Chemistry grade significantly. I wouldn’t have been able to get an A for H2 Chem A Levels without Mr Koh’s help!

Ashita SuleRaffles Institution

Mr Koh is a friendly and approachable tutor, Twig notes are concise yet useful and my Chem grades have made constant and tremendous improvement since I joined Twig! Really recommend those who are struggling with Chem to join 🙂

Boon YeeHwa Chong Institiution

Mr Koh is a highly approachable and engaging teacher! He is able to teach concepts effectively and provides many resources that have been useful in my A Level journey. I also found consultations before and after classes especially helpful and I’m really thankful to Mr Koh for being so patient! Through Twig, I’ve been able to improve in Chemistry ever since joining at the end of Year 4 & I’ve always enjoyed the lessons there:- )

Chun XiaoRaffles Institution

Never thought that the day of me passing chemistry would come as I was constantly getting an S for all my CTs. However, with Mr Koh’s dedication (he would meet me before/after every class to clarify my doubts) and patience, I managed to improve to a B in prelims. Even when I sent text messages to Mr Koh regarding chemistry questions, Mr Koh would reply me extremely promptly. Joining Twig for chemistry was really one of the best decisions I made in my A level journey. Once again, thank you Mr Koh!

Clare YipRaffles Institution

Mr Koh is really patient and approachable towards all students of different calibre. He adjusts well to meet each student’s needs by monitoring us during class to see if we were able to keep up/understood concepts he had covered. His notes are thorough and well organised, very useful for getting a big picture of everything before exams. Most importantly I enjoyed my lessons and saw a vast improvement in my grades:)

Daniel TangVictoria Junior College

Mr koh is a very dedicated and patient teacher who will go the extra mile to help students understand Chemistry. He will organize extra lessons just to ensure we are strong in our Chemistry concepts and also to answer all other doubts we have in class, be it in school or tuition. I am very sure students under the guidance of Mr Koh, coupled with hard work will achieve good results! Highly recommended!

Dickson OngRiver Valley High School (Junior College)

Mr Koh is a very patient tutor who explains chemistry concepts so clearly and simply that even the most complicated concepts become very easy to comprehend. His notes, especially the summary booklets, are very concise and helpful. He knows which question types are popular for the exams and exposes us to these questions, which makes it significantly easier to study for chemistry in the knowledge of what to focus on. Would highly recommend Mr Koh as a chem tutor!

Eugene HoRaffles Institution

Under Mr Koh’s tutelage, I was eventually able to attain my desired grades at the A levels. His notes, organised revision plans, as well as his dedication and commitment to each of his students was a huge contributing factor to my confidence and improvement in chemistry. He is motivating and encouraging even till the very end of my A level journey, whether its after major school exams, or between my A level papers when I felt close to giving up. Thank you Mr Koh !!! 🙂

Feng QiDunman High School (Junior College)

Mr Koh’s lesson is very precise and straight to the point which is easy to understand and comprehend. Mr Koh does not hesitate to answer any of my questions and explains accurately. Mr Koh is a very patient and good teacher.

GayleYishun Innova Junior College

Mr Koh is really patient and approachable towards all students of different calibre. He adjusts well to meet each student’s needs by monitoring us during class to see if we were able to keep up/understood concepts he had covered. His notes are thorough and well organised, very useful for getting a big picture of everything before exams. Most importantly I enjoyed my lessons and saw a vast improvement in my grades:)

Han JunAnderson Serangoon Junior College

the transition from secondary school to jc was steep & despite having a good chem foundation prior to jc i had difficulties coping w h2 chem in school. being under Mr Koh’s guidance, i slowly regained my love for chem as a subject & began to excel in it! Mr Koh turns complex subject matter into one that was clear and v understandable! (-: Mr Koh was also really patient in clearing my multiple enquiries and he provided plenty plenty of revision materials that aided greatly in my preparation for my exams! i’m super thankful to have chanced upon a teacher as good as him !!!

Helena HueyNational Junior College

Despite scoring A1s in secondary school for chemistry, I couldn’t do well in Chemistry in JC. It was very depressing and disappointing. Hence, just like any JC student, I went on to seek help. I’ve tried many tuitions, some from google some by seniors reference, some simply by reading flyers etc. And I was in these tuitions for periods of time yet, my grades remained bad. It felt like I did understand the abstract concepts better during those tuitions but I still kept scoring very badly and I couldn’t understand why. My good friend in school recommended Twig to me but honestly, I had pretty much given up hope that there can be any other tuition that can help me but I still decided to try it cos it was quite near my school. Twig had indeed proved to be “the specialist” one would go to, in terms of “Chemistry diseases” that seems incurable. While schools throw u piles and piles of notes / answers, thinking that they can help improve students grades, Mr Koh takes the time/effort/experience to distil out the most important points you’ll need to critically answer and score for the Chemistry exams. From personal experience, to score for content heavy subjects, it is always important to organise your sub topics distinctively so that when you want to withdraw information within the snap of a finger, you can do it. Problem with that is that you don’t have the luxury of time (plus the volume of content is crazy) to do that, like you had probably did in High School. Mr Koh’s lesson are very organised, structured and exam-orientated. Chemistry is a very content heavy in JC, so it helps a lot that Mr Koh always has the best methods to organise them efficiently, in ways that are amazingly easy to remember. (ESP his summary booklets, they are the bomb.) His lessons are to-the-point and the best part I would say is that he always has his methods to make the toughest ideas easy to understand and digest, which will thereafter stay with you without even trying too hard. Without a doubt, once you join the class, you’ll be able to tell that Mr Koh is a very smart individual. This is important especially because A Level questions now are application base and you’ll need to learn to be intelligent (from Mr Koh). Other than the intellects, Mr Koh is a teacher who supports you psychologically. He is very encouraging and gives very well-thought and constructive encouragements that will really just pull you up from your lowest point to make you believe in yourself again. I want to thank him once again for doing that to me so many times throughout my A Levels journey. If not for him, I don’t think I would ever have had the privilege to be offered NUS Chemical Engineering which required “good A Level passes”. This may sound like no big deal to some, but it definitely means a lot to someone who scored a S for Chem Prelim exams. Other than wanting to sincerely thank my Chem mentor, I would also like to thank myself for choosing and investing in the right Chemistry tuition:)

Kar YernHwa Chong Institiution

Mr Koh is patient in his teaching and puts in a genuine effort to get to know each of his students’ strengths and weaknesses personally. He would answer any of my questions, even outside of lesson time. I improved in my chem greatly thanks to his help!

Leah AngRaffles Institution

Mr Koh is a really good teacher !! He has helped me for two years !! His explanations are really clear and in-depth. Moreover, his notes and materials are extremely useful!! He helps to bridge the gaps and links across topics which I think is really important when it comes to understanding and mastering chemistry! I would really recommend him as a tutor tbh as I really saw an improvement in my grades ( improvement of abt 5 grades )

Lee KaiSt Andrews Junior College

Mr Koh is a very dedicated and experienced teacher who always goes the extra mile to provide consultations after class and over WhatsApp, which has helped students like me tremendously to clarify doubts that cannot be clarified during the lesson. He also puts in the effort to make sure that all his students grasp the concepts fully and will always explain concepts patiently to those who cannot seem to grasp them. Thank you so much Mr Koh!

Li TongTemasek Junior College

I joined Twig Learning Center in the later half of J2 and I saw my grades jump from an E at prelims to an A at the A levels. Mr Donnell Koh has been of tremendous help as my Chemistry Tutor. Being extremely familiar with the syllabus, he can confidently teach new content topics and compile sample questions for practice to ensure that we remember what we learn.

The three guidebooks that you will get as a student at Twig are also the best gift you can ask for as a Chemistry student – 2 years worth of rigorous content condensed into 3 small booklets. Whenever you have doubts or content gaps, you can refer back to the booklet and find the answer most of the time. Super useful for memorising Org Chem reactions too!

Lastly, what sets Mr Koh apart is his commitment to always be there for his students. Whenever you have any questions or clarifications, you can just text him and he would respond ASAP. Closer to the A levels, although lessons have ended, he would still answer my queries that arise from doing TYS, even going the extra mile to provide short video explanations that clear things up easily.

I’m very grateful to have Mr Koh support me during my A-levels journey. Thank you, Sir!

Li ZhengRaffles Institution

Mr Koh is a dedicated tutor who will always be there to answer any doubts about Chemistry! His explanations about the concepts and summarised notes have made studying H2 Chemistry so much easier and enjoyable. Thank you Mr Koh 🙂

Megan TanRaffles Institution

I graduated from VJC in 2016. Under the guidance of Mr Koh, I managed to obtain an A in my A’ level H2 Chemistry examination in 2016. Despite scoring an A1 for my O’ level chemistry I found myself struggling to score in H2 chemistry, barely scoring a pass ( grade D ) in my school examination in my J1 mid years. Through joining Mr Koh’s classes, his clear explanations, helpful class exercises, as well as ample supplementary practice materials, I understood chemistry concepts better than I ever expected. Before joining Mr Koh’s classes, I was often lost and discouraged during chemistry lessons in school as many of my peers were performing better than me. However, Mr Koh’s effective teaching allowed me to improve in chemistry tremendously, allowing me to gain confidence in the subject. I even began to be able to help my other classmates in the subject. I am really glad and fortunate to have had Mr Koh as my tutor in my JC chemistry journey.

Ming KwangVictoria Junior College

Mr Koh was very patient and would often readily help me resolve any doubts on chemistry concepts. He would stay back without fail after every lesson to answer our questions and never hesitated to lend a helping hand. His explanations were very clear, and easy to understand — I have improved tremendously under his guidance! Would most definitely recommend Twig to any H2 Chem students in need of guidance for A Levels!

PhoebeHwa Chong Institiution

Mr Koh is a truly dedicated teacher who often teaches past the stipulated 2h lessons in order to teach us additional chemistry concepts. He very patiently answers our questions during and after lessons, and is even contactable via whatsapp where he replies with extreme efficiency! I really benefited from his targeted approach to teaching chem and got an A for Chemistry during the A levels 😀 Thanks Mr Koh!

Sophia GohRaffles Institution

Mr Koh is a really kind and engaging teacher! He explains all the concepts clearly before letting us try out the practice questions specially prepared. The detailed notes prepared are also extremely helpful in helping me better understand the chapters that I found difficult. Thank you Mr Koh!

Sophie HuSt Andrews Junior College

Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated and experienced teacher. He is able to bring to life chemistry concepts and explain in a clear and effective manner. The learning materials at Twig were great at training & teaching us students how to apply these concepts to difficult questions and scoring effectively in exams. On a personal level, Mr Koh is also very patient and approachable and takes time & effort to respond to your queries even outside of class time! It’s not easy to find a teacher w that much dedication and commitment to teaching. 🙂

Stephanie LimNational Junior College

Mr Koh is a good teacher. Without his help, I would not have been able to get an A for Chem 1. He shows concern for our learning. If we have doubts, we can stay back after class to ask him. We can also have free consultations with him outside class to ask him any questions. He also gives free refreshments so we can stay attentive through the lessons. (esp if we had come for tuition straight after school) 2. He teaches well. Mr Koh conducts his lessons in a way that is well structured and easy to understand, especially topics on acid-base equilibrium and organic chem. The practices given are exam -oriented. 3. His notes (in booklets) are the best in my opinion. As compared to lengthy lecture notes from school, the booklets are well condensed and structured. E.g. His organic chem booklet presents clearly,in a mindmap form, the relationships of one chapter to another. All the best Mr Koh and god bless.

Tze Jie YongHwa Chong Institiution

Conducive environment for learning. A dedicated tutor who is committed and responsive, Mr Koh has the ability to breakdown key concepts and make them more digestible. He also provides useful tips and tricks to tackle tricky exam questions

Yu HengTampines Meridian Junior College

Mr Koh is a very solid and reliable teacher that is always willing to go the extra mile for his students. Whenever us students have any doubts, no matter how minor the question, he will always answer you with clarity. I joined Twig at the start of JC1, struggling with chemistry, scoring U/S for CTs and MYEs, and was low on confidence. However, with mr koh’s lecture + tutorial based lessons, he enable me to be more confident and precise when answering questions. Likewise, in his Guide to chemistry guide book and notes, it summaries and gives a clear overview on what each topic is about, unlike how many schools just jump straight into the chapter. After lessons, he is also always willing to stay back and help his students despite having a class afterwards. During exam periods, he has also opened up consultation slots for struggling students to come and clarify their doubts. Overall, I truly enjoyed my time at Twig and will definitely recommend this centre and Mr Koh to any other JC students struggling with H2 chemistry!

Baxton NeoTampines Meridian Junior College

Mr Koh is a patient and caring teacher. He always does his best to simplify and help his students understand difficult concepts, and frequently answers questions outside of class time (after class or over WhatsApp). His passion for the subject truly shines through his teaching and has influenced me to develop an interest in Chemistry. With his guidance, I managed to improve from a U for Promos to a B in my A Levels in a year! He is one of the best tutors I have come across and I highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with Chemistry!

Caren ChuaRaffles Institution

I joined Twig Learning Centre at the end of J1 during the December holidays for the crash course. I did really badly for my promos and got a U for Chemistry, but the crash course really helped me bridge up my knowledge and allowed me to transition into J2 on the same foot as everyone else. Mr Koh’s notes are concise and provides us with sufficient practice and challenging questions from Alevels and other school prelims papers, and really allowed me to understand the concepts being taught. Unlike my school teachers, Mr Koh taught us what goes on behind the content we are learning, enabling us to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the chemistry concepts being taught. Mr Koh also provided us with alot alot of resources that allowed us to prepare sufficiently well for our school exams as well as Alevels. He made sure that every component of our Chemistry exam is covered, and even dedicated time to going through Chem Prac. Due to Covid, our lessons were temporarily moved online however he put in extra effort to give us weekly MCQ trials and extra lessons. He also made consultations with him very easy, and would not hesitate to answer our queries through zoom consults and would stay up till late at night just to answer my questions. He is a really really dedicated teacher who is willing to go an extra mile to personally help students one-on-one and I believe that Twig would allow students to excel in Chemistry! I am super grateful to have attended Twig, and have seen my understanding and grades for Chemistry increase tremendously after attending mr kohs lessons and believe that everyone would benefit!!

Karine TanAnglo-Chinese Junior College

Mr Koh is a very patient and passionate tutor. He explains concepts very well, in a way that is easy to understand and provides students with a lot of practice, which greatly helps in grasping and applying the difficult chemistry concepts. He is also very dedicated in answering questions after class and outside of class!

Elicia ChuaRaffles Institution

Mr Koh is a very passionate tutor who will do his best to help each and everyone of his students. He is always patiently answering our queries and does his best to explain chemistry concepts in many different ways to make it easier for us to internalize them. He also exposes us to many different types of questions that are popular in exams to help us familiarize with them. He has helped me to improve my grades tremendously. Twig Learning Center is a great choice for anybody looking for a clear, concise and dedicated tutor.

Jasmine ChuaVictoria Junior College

I really enjoyed Mr Koh’s chemistry lessons. He was always very patient and happy to answer every single student’s questions, regardless in or outside of class. Mr Koh uses effective materials and concise explanations to achieve his lesson objectives quickly and learning Chemistry under his guidance was fun and easy. Thoroughly enjoyed my time at TWIG and I wish I found out about Mr Koh sooner! Thanks sir 🙂 Btw I managed to get into med school! 🙂

Faith TeoHwa Chong Institiution

I really enjoyed Mr Koh’s chemistry lessons. He was always very patient and happy to answer every single student’s questions, regardless in or outside of class. Mr Koh uses effective materials and concise explanations to achieve his lesson objectives quickly and learning Chemistry under his guidance was fun and easy. Thoroughly enjoyed my time at TWIG and I wish I found out about Mr Koh sooner! Thanks sir 🙂

Evangeline YeohRaffles Institution

Each lesson at Twig was worthwhile and enriching because of the way Mr Koh explains each chemistry concept. Mr Koh is a dedicated and patient Chemistry tutor who really goes the extra mile to explain the concepts to us in easily understandable ways such as through mini experiments and video sharing sessions! With well-planned and targetted lessons and notes, his effective teaching pedagogy has made H2 Chemistry a subject in which memorising is not necessary. Thank you Mr Koh for your guidance and would highly recommend Mr Koh as a Chemistry tutor! :))

Caryn LeowRaffles Institution

Mr Koh will always go the extra mile to make sure that you understand every Chemistry concept required. His notes are comprehensive with succinct explanations of concepts and many accompanying A Level questions — inspired and extracted from different schools’ mock papers. I enjoy the rigour of his lessons and the constant practice and drilling really helped me prepare myself for A Levels 😃

Shu YuHwa Chong Institiution

I really enjoyed Mr Koh’s lessons! He is super passionate and willing to help each and every one of us. He would mark any homework we submit, as well as take the time to respond to our questions even outside of class (when we message him on Whatsapp). Nearing A-Levels, I really appreciated how he curated challenging past year questions into a booklet to make sure that we would be well-prepared for the exam! I improved so much under his tutelage 🙂 Would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with Chem to join Twig!

Soong Rou YiRaffles Institution

Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated, caring and passionate Chemistry tutor. He is very experienced, and uses the best learning resources and a large variety of questions to teach us, which I found to be really helpful when tackling exam questions. I am really grateful for his dedication, which was shown in how he often extended lessons and organised quizzes outside of lesson time just to ensure that we understood concepts and had sufficient practice with questions. He was very willing to stay behind during lessons to answer my questions, and to answer my questions in his own time over WhatsApp. I really appreciate all the help he has given me in helping me to attain an A for H2 Chemistry in the A Levels. I managed to get into the Medicine Faculty at NTU! Thank you so much Mr Koh! 🙂

Christabel YuenEunoia Junior College

Mr Koh is well-versed in H2 Chemistry syllabus and is not only good at both exam technique, but is willing and able to explain questions and concepts that while may not be in the syllabus itself, strengthens a students knowledge and grounding in Chemistry.

Emily YoungEunoia Junior College

Learnt something new in every single lesson and the post prelim revision and timed quizzes were an immense help! There are chemistry resources given so you will have ample questions to practice. The three guidebooks given contain very concise and reliable notes that I found very useful for revision.

The option to have online classes amidst the pandemic helped to save on traveling time and yet there was no compromise on the level of engagement. We could submit our answers online and receive feedback from Mr Koh.

Mr Koh is extremely dedicated and patient and can help to clarify any misconceptions you have with school or tuition related work. He will even send you short videos of his explanations and answer your queries after class. I think the extra mile he goes to help his students is what makes the difference 😌 Thank you!

Mei Hui YuenVictoria Junior College

I’ve been attending TWIG LC since I was in Secondary 4 and my chemistry grades have improved a lot since then. Mr Koh is a patient and dedicated tutor who always ensures that his students walk out of his lessons without misconceptions and doubts. I really liked how his explanations are always very clear and concise, making them very palatable. He also equipped us with a lot of practise questions and always went out of his way to ensure that we are well-prepared for all our examinations. Being the experienced tutor that he is, Mr Koh was able to identify all the common questions that are likely to come out and always highlighted to us the common mistakes made which was very useful given the tricky nature of chem. Thanks to Mr Koh, I went from barely passing chemistry in Secondary 4 to attaining an A at A levels. Would highly recommend Mr Koh’s classes for those who want to improve/maintain their grades in Chem.

Khalisah ShariRaffles Institution

I attended Twig LC in JC and it helped my chemistry grades enormously – from a U in J1 to an A at the A levels. Mr Koh is an incredibly dedicated and comprehensive teacher who not only teaches content but also common misconceptions so that students are not confused in his lessons. He has a great grasp on the syllabus and what the examiners are looking for in responses. In addition, he holds revision sessions before many exams, which were a great help, and he also answers any questions students have promptly. I am really grateful for Mr Koh’s help!

Jolyne GohEunoia Junior College

Mr Koh is very skilful in teaching chemistry and always looks out for us during lessons. Whenever I have questions after class I can text him and he will reply promptly with a video solution which is really helpful. His notes and worksheets are very useful. His lessons are very engaging and he uses real life applications to teach us concepts, which helps us visualise and understand the concepts better. Would highly recommend to all students studying chemistry! 🙂

Jun Yuen ChiaRaffles Institution

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