Alayna Kam

I joined twig when I was getting really desperate at my chem and within one lesson I was able to understand miles more than I could understand from my own school notes! Mr Koh really simplified the concepts into something that was much easier for me to understand which gave me a really strong foundation in being able to keep up with the school curriculum! his notes are short, sweet, and straight to the point, often including some extra facts so that it’ll feel less boring and questions relating to a specific part that was taught. I like the flow and structure of his lessons, which is teaching a small section, then applying what we learned to a question straight after. it may seem very long n tedious but it was very efficient because it helped a lot in retaining the information better. I joined towards the end of j1 but I saw an immediate improvement in my first test in j2 where I finally got an A, which I’ve also consistently maintained throughout j2 and in A levels 🙂 nearer exam season and A-level prep, he has focused worksheets on revision and materials which have a mix of both challenging and moderate questions which I found were very useful! esp for school exams! his guidebooks and his little tips and tricks on how to understand the concepts, and answer questions were very very helpful. he was also very approachable and I’m glad I had an amazing teacher who I could go to anytime I needed help with my chemistry questions.

if you’re looking for good chemistry tuition come to twig! it really was very worth it for me and I took away a lot 🙂 every week was very fun and interesting! thank you Mr Koh for inspiring me to love Chemistry again !