Alicia Goh

Chem is a subject that is easy to struggle in as there are many concepts that are difficult to visualize. I remember falling behind in several chapters and performing badly for my common test in J1 as I couldn’t grasp a fundamental concept that was taught earlier in the year. Thankfully, my chemistry grades were salvaged once I came under Mr Koh’s tutelage as he patiently explained everything, making sure that I understood it to the finest detail. His teaching methodology and lesson plans are also carefully designed to cater to the needs of students of different learning abilities, making it easy for us students to follow through his classes. His dedication and passion in ensuring that his students truly understand what he has taught is shown in everything he does – staying until 11pm just to answer queries that his students may have, bringing theory into life by conducting mini experiments in class and tirelessly compiling difficult but common questions that are tested for each type of exam be it common tests, prelims, or the A levels. Mr Koh has certainly been one of the best tutors I’ve ever had, and I would definitely recommend him to my friends and juniors!