Baxton Neo

Mr Koh is a very solid and reliable teacher that is always willing to go the extra mile for his students. Whenever us students have any doubts, no matter how minor the question, he will always answer you with clarity. I joined Twig at the start of JC1, struggling with chemistry, scoring U/S for CTs and MYEs, and was low on confidence. However, with mr koh’s lecture + tutorial based lessons, he enable me to be more confident and precise when answering questions. Likewise, in his Guide to chemistry guide book and notes, it summaries and gives a clear overview on what each topic is about, unlike how many schools just jump straight into the chapter. After lessons, he is also always willing to stay back and help his students despite having a class afterwards. During exam periods, he has also opened up consultation slots for struggling students to come and clarify their doubts. Overall, I truly enjoyed my time at Twig and will definitely recommend this centre and Mr Koh to any other JC students struggling with H2 chemistry!