Kar Yern

Despite scoring A1s in secondary school for chemistry, I couldn’t do well in Chemistry in JC. It was very depressing and disappointing. Hence, just like any JC student, I went on to seek help. I’ve tried many tuitions, some from google some by seniors reference, some simply by reading flyers etc. And I was in these tuitions for periods of time yet, my grades remained bad. It felt like I did understand the abstract concepts better during those tuitions but I still kept scoring very badly and I couldn’t understand why. My good friend in school recommended Twig to me but honestly, I had pretty much given up hope that there can be any other tuition that can help me but I still decided to try it cos it was quite near my school. Twig had indeed proved to be “the specialist” one would go to, in terms of “Chemistry diseases” that seems incurable. While schools throw u piles and piles of notes / answers, thinking that they can help improve students grades, Mr Koh takes the time/effort/experience to distil out the most important points you’ll need to critically answer and score for the Chemistry exams. From personal experience, to score for content heavy subjects, it is always important to organise your sub topics distinctively so that when you want to withdraw information within the snap of a finger, you can do it. Problem with that is that you don’t have the luxury of time (plus the volume of content is crazy) to do that, like you had probably did in High School. Mr Koh’s lesson are very organised, structured and exam-orientated. Chemistry is a very content heavy in JC, so it helps a lot that Mr Koh always has the best methods to organise them efficiently, in ways that are amazingly easy to remember. (ESP his summary booklets, they are the bomb.) His lessons are to-the-point and the best part I would say is that he always has his methods to make the toughest ideas easy to understand and digest, which will thereafter stay with you without even trying too hard. Without a doubt, once you join the class, you’ll be able to tell that Mr Koh is a very smart individual. This is important especially because A Level questions now are application base and you’ll need to learn to be intelligent (from Mr Koh). Other than the intellects, Mr Koh is a teacher who supports you psychologically. He is very encouraging and gives very well-thought and constructive encouragements that will really just pull you up from your lowest point to make you believe in yourself again. I want to thank him once again for doing that to me so many times throughout my A Levels journey. If not for him, I don’t think I would ever have had the privilege to be offered NUS Chemical Engineering which required “good A Level passes”. This may sound like no big deal to some, but it definitely means a lot to someone who scored a S for Chem Prelim exams. Other than wanting to sincerely thank my Chem mentor, I would also like to thank myself for choosing and investing in the right Chemistry tuition:)