Karine Tan

I joined Twig Learning Centre at the end of J1 during the December holidays for the crash course. I did really badly for my promos and got a U for Chemistry, but the crash course really helped me bridge up my knowledge and allowed me to transition into J2 on the same foot as everyone else. Mr Koh’s notes are concise and provides us with sufficient practice and challenging questions from Alevels and other school prelims papers, and really allowed me to understand the concepts being taught. Unlike my school teachers, Mr Koh taught us what goes on behind the content we are learning, enabling us to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the chemistry concepts being taught. Mr Koh also provided us with alot alot of resources that allowed us to prepare sufficiently well for our school exams as well as Alevels. He made sure that every component of our Chemistry exam is covered, and even dedicated time to going through Chem Prac. Due to Covid, our lessons were temporarily moved online however he put in extra effort to give us weekly MCQ trials and extra lessons. He also made consultations with him very easy, and would not hesitate to answer our queries through zoom consults and would stay up till late at night just to answer my questions. He is a really really dedicated teacher who is willing to go an extra mile to personally help students one-on-one and I believe that Twig would allow students to excel in Chemistry! I am super grateful to have attended Twig, and have seen my understanding and grades for Chemistry increase tremendously after attending mr kohs lessons and believe that everyone would benefit!!