Khalisah Shari

I’ve been attending TWIG LC since I was in Secondary 4 and my chemistry grades have improved a lot since then. Mr Koh is a patient and dedicated tutor who always ensures that his students walk out of his lessons without misconceptions and doubts. I really liked how his explanations are always very clear and concise, making them very palatable. He also equipped us with a lot of practise questions and always went out of his way to ensure that we are well-prepared for all our examinations. Being the experienced tutor that he is, Mr Koh was able to identify all the common questions that are likely to come out and always highlighted to us the common mistakes made which was very useful given the tricky nature of chem. Thanks to Mr Koh, I went from barely passing chemistry in Secondary 4 to attaining an A at A levels. Would highly recommend Mr Koh’s classes for those who want to improve/maintain their grades in Chem.