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Our passion as a Chemistry  tuition center in Singapore is to help students reach their highest potential. Our dedicated and experienced chemistry teachers make sure that students understand and remember their teachings. Read all about the Twig learning experience straight from our students!

Video Testimonials from Batch of 2019

Mr Koh has helped me to understand the fundamentals and basics of A Level Chemistry, improving my Chemistry grade from S in JC1 promos to a B in prelims and A in A-levels! He takes special effort to repeat key and important concepts which aided me in grasping and remembering important concepts. The revision notes provided are also very concise and covers the full syllabus. I highly recommend Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition if you want to improve in H2 Chemistry!

Never thought that the day of me passing H2 Chemistry would come as I was constantly getting an S for all my CTs. However, with Mr Koh’s dedication (he would meet me before/after every class to clarify my doubts) and patience, I managed to improve to a B in prelims. Even when I sent text messages to Mr Koh regarding Chemistry questions, Mr Koh would reply me extremely promptly. Joining Twig for Chemistry was really one of the best decisions I made in my A level journey. Once again, thank you Mr Koh!

Mr Koh is a very dedicated and passionate Chemistry tutor who always goes the extra mile to make sure that every student understands their concepts fully, and that no one is left behind. He is very approachable, which allows everyone to be comfortable when clearing doubts. He often stays back to answer all the extra questions his students may have. He also explains clearly and provides students with extremely useful compilations of a large variety of questions, which helps in the reenforcing of all the concepts taught. His lessons are structured and well organised, and the scheme of work provided facilitates students’ revisions so that we can attend lessons with sufficient preparation, allowing us to maximise the benefits of every lesson. Would highly recommend Mr Koh as a Chemistry tutor!

Honest feedback from an ex-student from ACJC:

Official A level Chemistry grade: A

Many students struggle with JC Chemistry because it’s a big leap from secondary school. During my two years at Twig, Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition gave me a headstart over my peers and I am not exaggerating, but i understood almost everything in the lectures and tutorials without much effort. If you don’t understand your JC chemistry lectures and you’re not scoring well, that’s perfectly normal because maybe only 5% of the cohort actually does well. But if u take Mr Koh’s lessons, you’ll feel like one of those geniuses. Honestly, I’m not the brightest kid and I was mediocre/almost failing my other subjects, yet I was consistently getting A and >90percentile for every Chemistry exam. Shows that you can do it even if you think you’re mediocre or terrible at JC academics. Even if you join in J2, there’s a very high chance you will improve from a U or S grade to an A or B grade.

Mr Koh makes the concepts super clear and you’ll know how you should have been learning and all the good stuff (A LOT) you’ve been missing out sitting in school. A few of my friends were failing at Chemistry albeit the huge amount of work they put into it, and I introduced them to Twig. Most of them improved to an A or B grade. I suggest starting early with the lessons because once you get your Chemistry right, you free up so much more time for the other subjects. Actually as the tuition classes went by, I found myself putting less and less effort into Chemistry but still maintaining the same A grade.

I graduated from VJC in 2016. Under the guidance of Mr Koh, I managed to obtain an A in my A’ level H2 Chemistry examination in 2016.

Despite scoring an A1 for my O’ level chemistry I found myself struggling to score in H2 chemistry, barely scoring a pass ( grade D ) in my school examination in my J1 mid years. Through joining Mr Koh’s JC Chemistry tuition, his clear explanations, helpful class exercises, as well as ample supplementary practice materials, I understood H2 Chemistry concepts better than I ever expected.

Before joining Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition, I was often lost and discouraged during chemistry lessons in school as many of my peers were performing better than me. However, Mr Koh’s effective teaching allowed me to improve in Chemistry tremendously, allowing me to gain confidence in the subject. I even began to be able to help my other classmates in the subject.

I am really glad and fortunate to have had Mr Koh as my tutor in my JC Chemistry journey.

The transition from secondary school to JC was steep & despite having a good chemistry foundation prior to JC i had difficulties coping w H2 Chemistry in school. Being under Mr Koh’s guidance, I slowly regained my love for Chemistry as a subject & began to excel in it! Mr Koh turns complex subject matter into one that was clear and v understandable! (-: Mr Koh was also really patient in clearing my multiple enquiries and he provided plenty plenty of revision materials that aided greatly in my preparation for my exams! I’m super thankful to have chanced upon a teacher as good as him!!!

I have benefitted from TWIG tremendously. The detailed and concise notes and practices given helped to clear all my concepts, boosting my JC Chemistry grade from a U in J1 to A/B in J2. Mr Koh is also a passionate and helpful tutor who will go out of his way to extend help to those who need it. Joining TWIG will definitely not be a regret!

Mr Koh is an extremely experienced and thoughtful teacher who studies both A levels and school questions closely in order to piece together perfect lesson plans for his students. His style of teaching is strategic, which suits students who are looking to be exam-smart. Yet, Mr Koh certainly does not neglect the fundamentals and ensures that his students understand the concepts well before taking his strategic approach in answering questions. This makes him a good choice if you are looking to strengthen core concepts in certain topics!

Got my A in H2 Chemistry, thanks to Mr Koh of Twig Learning Center 🙂

I struggled with JC Chemistry throughout secondary school and decided to take tuition here in JC1. It was the right decision; I had trouble understanding Chemistry concepts as it’s one of the toughest subjects in JC. Mr Koh’s teaching style is very clear and his notes are among the best I’ve used in my school life (even compared to top JC notes). He is very experienced and is very familiar with what Cambridge examiners want, so his teaching is very focused and helped me greatly improve my answering technique. He also provided us with a lot of question banks and test papers; honestly I didn’t even use my school’s materials and only used Mr Koh’s materials when I was revising for my A’s.

I recommended him to a friend who had been failing Chemistry up until mid-JC2, and even he got his A in the end. It’s never too late!

I am very thankful to have had Mr Koh tutor me A-Level Chemistry for the past 2 years. His interpretive notes and experience in teaching really allowed me to understand the concepts of each topic a lot better. Whenever I had doubts, Mr Koh was more than willing to take the time after class to give me additional coaching. In addition, when examinations were nearing, he even opened up slots during the study break for us to consult him individually. He also provides many practices, equipping students with the right skills for examinations. His dedication and patience allowed me to improve drastically, scoring an A for H2 Chemistry. I would definitely recommend him to my juniors! Thank you Mr Koh!!

Mr Koh’s lessons were engaging, with various in-class practices which played a big part in improving my application skills. He was sure to point out the key concepts of each topic as well as those which many students had problems grasping and explained them in a way that was easy to understand. Mr Koh’s summary books were organised such that they reinforced links between topics and aided in memorization, which was crucial for the more technical chapters such as those under inorganic chem. The intensive practice booklets allowed for thorough topical revision and application practice through exposure to the different question forms. Mr Koh also went beyond regular classroom lessons and was always open to receiving questions. This was really important in ironing out any remaining misconceptions during the last month leading up to As!
Thank you once again for your patience and guidance Mr Koh! I scored an A for A-levels Chem!

TWIG tution has really helped me greatly in A-Level Chemistry! The notes are concise and straightforward, the practice questions are sufficient and useful, the summary booklets really made exam revision a lot more effective for me, and Mr Koh’s lessons are engaging and very efficient! The lessons are taught in a way that really prepares one for A levels and I always come out of Mr Koh’s class feeling like I’ve learnt a lot  The best part is that Mr Koh is very approachable and never hesitates to answer my numerous Chem queries! I have made a steady improvement in Chem since I’ve joined TWIG. I started off with an S grade, and slowly moved up to an E, then C, and finally an A in A levels. Thank you so much Mr Koh for never giving up even on your weaker students! 10/10 would recommend TWIG Chem tuition!!!! IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH CHEM, DONT GIVE UP!!!! JOIN TWIG AND PRESS ON! :b

Since my first lesson, I have found Mr Koh’s lessons to be very helpful and informative. His notes are clear cut, without any unnecessary information, which really sped up my learning process. Coupled with you continuously going through with us questions to develop that much needed rigor for chemistry, I was able to improve tremendously. Mr Koh was also patient with my questions and would not hesitate to spend extra time out of lesson to answer my queries. I managed to get an A for Chem!

I struggled with organic chemistry especially in J2 and despite ‘mugging’ over the June holidays, I didn’t see any improvement. Thanks to my friend’s recommendation, I joined Twig shortly after CT2. Mr Koh didn’t give up on me even when I had almost given up on myself and even though there were only 4 months left to A Levels. He was extremely dedicated and caring, always encouraging us to clear our doubts and then staying back late to address our queries. I also found the pedagogy at Twig highly effective, because I got to attempt the questions first, before Mr Koh goes through them in great detail, allowing me to learn from my mistakes on the spot and become very familiar with the concepts. I also practiced a lot using the topical revision booklets given at Twig and was exposed to a variety of questions, so by the time prelims came, I could expect the types of questions that would be tested, as well as how to tackle them. Eventually, I attained an A at A Levels! Looking back, joining Twig was definitely the turning point in my journey as a chem student – before, I did chem by memorizing and hated the subject, but after joining, I did chem by understanding and applying concepts, and it became one of my favorite subjects. Thank you so much for all your patience and guidance, Mr Koh!

In JC, I found Chemistry a challenging subject but the lessons at Twig were very useful in helping me digest the more abstract concepts. Mr Koh organized the notes such that it was integrated with relevant examples and challenging questions. He also provided concise summaries for each topic to facilitate revision when nearing exams. I am very grateful that Mr Koh was ever so patient whenever I had questions to ask him. The lessons at Twig had certainly prepared me very well for the A levels. I scored an A for A levels!

Mr Koh’s lessons helped me develop a greater understanding for Chemistry. I often found it difficult to keep up with the school lectures, but Mr Koh’s lessons, on the other hand, are clear and easy to comprehend, allowing me to fully understand the concepts. After attending his lessons, I found myself able to tackle school questions with much more ease. He also selects tricky and difficult questions for us to attempt and teaches us how to tackle them during tests and exams. His concise notes also made revision a lot easier as it is a good substitute for the thick lecture books from school. Mr Koh made this difficult subject a lot more manageable and enjoyable, and with his help I managed to get an A for my A Levels. Thank you Mr Koh!

Twig was truly my life-changer. When I first joined Twig at the start of J2, I had been consistently flunking my Chemistry. I had received ‘U’ grades for all my tests in J1. However, just after one term at Twig, I managed to score a ‘C’ grade for my first common test in J2. By the time A levels came around, I was fully prepared to tackle the common and tough chemistry questions alike. My ‘A’ grade for H2 Chemistry at A levels is testament to the vast improvement I’ve made in Chemistry with the help of Mr Koh.As a student who scored A2 for Chemistry for O levels, JC Chemistry still stumped me. Not only was the content of JC Chemistry very different from that of secondary school chemistry, the lecture and tutorial style of teaching in JC was hard to adapt to and made it incredibly difficult to learn new topics-the lecture notes were cramped new information and before I managed to digest anything, I was expected to finish work for tutorials. At Twig, Mr Koh’s notes and teaching are clear and concise. His notes highlight important points in the topic and clarify common mistakes. The small class size and relatively slower pace of his teaching made it easier to absorb the information. While learning new topics, we do short practices along the way to test our knowledge of the topic step-by-step so that we can identify areas we don’t understand and immediately seek help from Mr Koh. His methodical teaching and ability to break down difficult concepts to the very basics, which makes it so much easier to learn new topics and tackle questions. From someone who used to be disinterested in Chemistry as I could not solve any questions, I found myself attempting more and more questions to challenge myself.

Mr Koh also provides short yet comprehensive summaries for all chapters. These notes were a life-saver during exams. They shortened my revision time considerably as they provided easy reference when I had any doubts. Nearing A levels, Mr Koh provided intensive practice where we attempted challenging questions after challenging questions which he selected. This really trained our ability and speed when tackling tough questions during exams, and made handling other questions much easier.

Mr Koh is one of the most knowledgeable and patient teacher I’ve met. He genuinely cares for his students. He is always willing to answer queries during, before and after his lessons as well as through WhatsApp. He never looked down on my results, misconceptions or mistakes I’ve made. I will recommend Twig to anyone who seeks to improve their Chemistry in JC. Thank you Mr Koh, I wouldn’t have achieved my A without your help!

Once again, thank you so much for your help and guidance. I hope Twig continues to attract and help many more students over the years.

I joined Twig because my sister had strongly recommended me when I was in JC1 and from the start I could immediately tell that Mr Koh is a very caring teacher. It is very seldom that you see teachers, let alone tutors with such passion, dedication and thoughtfulness. Mr Koh would never hesitate to help you even if it means less sleep, time outside of class and even endless amounts of questions on whatsapp. His love for chemistry is definitely contagious as he made me appreciate it and even eventually to love chemistry as well. I always looked forward to his lessons as it was highly engaging, interesting and mentally stimulating. During lessons, his teaching is very succinct, comprehensive and just at the right pace unlike most schools, thus enabling me to cope well. With countless amounts of materials ranging from concise yet detailed notes to extra practices at home and even cheat sheets to aid memory work, Mr Koh has definitely prepared me exceptionally well and I am sure he will do the same for you. For me, my only ‘problem’ was that I had too much useful material at my disposal. I’m very grateful for Mr Koh in helping me jump from an ‘E’ grade in my mid years to a ‘B’ grade in my prelims and finally an ‘A’ in my A levels. I’m sure that he is the unlike any other teachers you’ve seen before, as the level of detail and clarity in his explanations due to his many years in teaching is impeccable. Take my word that he seriously is the best that you can get. Lastly, thank you Mr Koh you’re one good lad and I look up to you.

Chemistry. It’s a subject that I alway seek interest in but my past grades prove otherwise. I have always thought that the subject was abstract and difficult to understand. So I decided to seek help.
Many friends recommended me to give Twig Learning Centre a shot due to its past reputation of helping students improve tremendously. I decided then to give it a try.
When I started attending Mr Koh’s class, the subject gradually became clearer to me. His methodical and in-depth teaching aided me in my understanding of the subject. Mr Koh also conducts one-to-one sessions in class. When we are doing our practice questions, his patience and guidance have certainly contributed significantly to my rapid improvement.
From an E for prelims to an A for A levels is certainly not an easy feat. I can achieve this stellar result because of Mr Koh’s strong belief in unleashing my true potential. Thank you Mr Koh!:)

Mr Koh is one of the most patient and dedicated teachers I’ve met. I really appreciate how he never fails to clarify my doubts and goes the extra mile to ensure that I have a complete understanding of certain chemistry concepts. His lessons benefited me greatly as he explains complicated concepts in a way which was easy to understand and I saw gradual improvement in my chemistry grades. Thank you so much Mr Koh!

Being a student who struggled to pass Chemistry in his JC1 year, I was recommended to Mr Koh’s H2 Chemistry tuition through a friend who faced the same issue as me. Through my time in Mr Koh’s class, I found myself beginning to have an interest in the subject, and soon my results began to pick up. Mr Koh is not only knowledgeable in his work, but also very passionate in his teaching. He teaches not to memorise content, but rather understanding the concepts, especially for heavy content topics such as Organic Chemistry. Under his guidance, I was very motivated to work hard for my Chemistry as Mr Koh consistently offered his time to personally clarify any doubts we had. Not only does he ensure that we understand our work, he is also quick and precise to point out our mistakes and help us through. Good results are often impossible without a good teacher. I scored an A for my A-levels Chemistry! Thank you Mr Koh for your guidance!

Mr Koh is an engaging and dedicated teacher. His notes are clear and concise, making them good reference materials for revision. We also have plenty of opportunities to practice the main concepts and common misconceptions in class so that we will be familiar with them by the time we sit for our exams. The recent trend for Chemistry appears to be setting compounds and reaction mechanisms that are different from the ones in the syllabus. Such questions may appear intimidating at first, but Mr Koh is always able to break it down to the basic concepts and establish a logical flow. This not only helps us understand the answer, but also teaches us how to approach similar questions in future.Apart from being very effective, Mr Koh is also very nurturing. During lessons, he ensures that everyone is keeping up with the pace of the lesson, and also constantly encourages us. This helped to build my confidence especially when dealing with difficult questions. With Mr Koh’s help, Chemistry went from being one of my most dreaded subjects to something I really enjoyed doing, and this was reflected the steady improvement in my Chemistry grades throughout J2. I finally got an A at A levels. This would not have been possible without Mr Koh, so thank you Mr Koh!

Mr Koh’s passion for Chemistry has helped ignite my learning spirit for Chemistry and made me love the subject more than I think I would. He is patient and understanding towards his students and is clear with what common mistakes we would usually make and never stop giving us reminders. He gives a lot of practices and advice to help us improve our grades. He is a dedicated teacher who always makes use of his spare time to help students answer their queries. Thank you Mr Koh!

Chemistry has been made so much more comprehensible with Mr Koh’s lessons. His method of teaching- explaining the key concepts followed by hands-on practices for students was effective in helping me master each topic. What I really appreciate is that Mr Koh is able to put himself in his students’ shoes, identify the misconceptions/ possible misconceptions we may have and address them in a way where they are easier to understand. What’s more, Mr Koh is very approachable and is always eager to help his students not only with tuition questions, but those from school as well. I have definitely benefited from Mr Koh’s lessons and my learning journey with chemistry has been made much more smoother. With the help of Mr Koh and Twig, I was able to achieve an A for H2 Chemistry for the A levels. Thank you Mr Koh! 

Before I joined Mr Koh’s lessons, I struggled really badly with passing Chemistry. It was just a bulk of information that never made sense to me. I could not pick out the key concepts from the thick school lecture notes and was always stuck when answering practice questions with my poor understanding of the subject. I am really lucky to have met Mr Koh in the last few months before the A levels, saving me from my disastrous Chemistry grades and eventually achieving a 4 grades jump.In Mr Koh’s lessons, with notes that are easy to digest, practice questions streamlined to help grasp the key concepts and very clear explanations, I finally saw the light in Chemistry! I really love his lessons as each session leaves me with a firm understanding of what has been taught and makes me all ready to attempt further practice. Beyond his efficient teaching style, Mr Koh’s patience and dedication as a teacher helped me tremendously in improving my Chemistry. He patiently answered all the questions I had in Chemistry, explaining even the very fundamentals that I never actually understood in J1. Each time I requested for consultation session, Mr Koh was always there for me. I am so thankful for the numerous consultation sessions during which I thoroughly clarified my doubts and gained more confidence in the subject.

I felt so happy when my conceptual understanding made progress – from an entangled mess to much clearer and more systematic understanding. Thank you Mr Koh for always taking the extra mile to help your students, you are truly a remarkable teacher!

Mr Koh has helped me tremendously in my Chemistry during the tough 2 year JC journey. Chemistry was never my strong subject. I remember starting JC attaining an E grade and officially disliking Chemistry. Eventually, my grade dropped to an S and that was when I enrolled in Mr Koh’s Chem tuition. Mr Koh’s lessons were not only engaging, his notes were detailed and on point as well. His sincerity really translates through his lessons, and you can genuinely feel that he wants and will go all out to help all his students. I recall the times he would stay beyond lessons for consultations, even if our consultations lasted an hour, he never had a complaint. Chemistry tuition was never a bore, and I found myself inclined to go for tuition lessons, hence gradually my interest in chemistry increased, and now it has become one of my favourite subjects! I really thank Mr Koh for helping me cultivate this interest for chemistry and eventually helping me achieve my A in the A levels. He is truly a great teacher!!! 🙂 Thank you once again for all your hard work Mr Koh, really couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

When I first started Chemistry in J1, I was constantly at the bottom of the cohort. I struggled in the subject as I could not understand the concepts taught in school. Thankfully Mr Koh’s lessons helped to revise the fundamentals. He provided condensed notes and compiled many practice questions that were especially helpful for revision. Even in JC2, he gave pointers when I had difficulty in my revision, which sometimes extended pass normal lesson time. It was no miracle that I had achieved an A in the GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry paper. Without Mr Koh’s supervision in my studies, I would not have been able to reach my full potential. I am very grateful for having him as my teacher.

Hi, I am a parent. My daughter Amanda Lim had the good fortune of being tutored by Mr Koh. Mr Koh was a very dedicated teacher, who would stay back after class to answer all the questions the students had. He also explained in a way that made understanding easy. He got Amanda to do questions from the 1980s, and many similar questions came out during the A levels! I cannot thank Mr Koh enough for helping Amanda to achieve an A for Chemistry. (I will be most happy if Mr Koh would like to use this as a testimonial.)

Every year, thousands of students struggle with the rigor of A Level Chemistry, not because it was content heavy but also because it was much more trickier than the O levels. I, being no exception, continued to fail my chem papers during my J1 term and having barely scrapped a pass during promos. Worried as I was, I was very lucky to have met Mr Koh at Twig Centre. I remembered the first class he conducted on Organic Chemistry (Halogenoalkanes), having received his (superior) notes and listened in for the entire (mind blowing) lesson, I came out of the class feeling not just fulfilled but actually excited for the next lesson! Mr Koh has a nick for making chemistry come alive (literally! with some fun experiments conducted) during his classes and will even go the extra mile to clarify questions after class or via texts. Furthermore, he would always find the time to help weaker students in his classes, giving us the emotional support that is evermore required to handle any setbacks with school exams. Mr Koh is a great teacher, but more than that, a great friend and a true inspiration for Chemistry. Thank you Mr Koh for helping me Ace my Chemistry A Levels!

My grade jumped from S in Prelim to B in A level. Though the B grade does not look as fantastic as the A grade that everyone aspires to get, I must declare that I have gained just as much as others through this journey of studying Chemistry. The experience that I get in TWIG Learning Center is something beyond what my result can tell. I need to admit that I did not really have a very strong understanding and a very solid foundation in Chemistry like some others did and I did not have strong passion for Chemistry to drive me through lots of hardship. I felt lost at many times in JC when I could not understand the lecture. Even worse, I could hardly comprehend and summarize the thick lecture notes provided by the school as I am not a good visual learner. I wanted to do well but most of the time, I was just unable to. The best thing that TWIG Learning Center gave me was attention and help, which really helped me to develop my interest in Chemistry little by little. I love lessons by Mr Koh as Mr Koh makes every concept seem so logical and reasonable. In this way, it is very easy for me to understand and remember the concept. I love Mr Koh’s lessons because the well-prepared lessons have the right amount of practice in between every different concept. The well-constructed notes emphasise the gist of each chapter, making his lessons efficient, ensuring we can understand and apply the concepts learnt. Besides that, he always walked around the class to help out the weaker students so that no one was left behind. He would stay back for us to answer all our questions. Sometimes, his voluntary question-and-answer session might last till very late especially when the exams were approaching but he never complained. He would never hesitate in helping us whenever we had doubts. He would also encourage me even if I did not do well. Mr Koh is a friendly, loveable and helpful teacher who you should study under if you need external help. He can help you grasp a deeper understanding of Chemistry, which I am really grateful of. He is one of those great teachers who you do not want to miss. His lessons are those great lessons that you look forward to all the time.

Mr Koh is a fantastic teacher especially in making you LOVE CHEMISTRY. While that may sound impossible, I can guarantee you that you will develop some passion for the subject after having lessons with Mr Koh for roughly 3 months. Nerdy it may seem, this passion for Chemistry will really bring you far for you will be mind-blown at how willingly your brain picks up the seemingly complex Chemistry concepts. (At least that was true for me)  His patience in answering your endless chemistry questions will amaze you and the time spent listening attentively during Mr Koh’s lessons will definitely be more worth it than feeling troubled deciphering concepts whilst pouring over your books! I scored an A for my A-Level Chemistry! Thank you Mr Koh!

Disclaimer: All the above will be true only if you possess a keen learning attitude! : )

Under Mr Koh’s guidance throughout the past 2 years, I was able to breeze through my A-level Chemistry journey with ease.  I always found myself a few steps ahead of my peers with the help of Mr Koh’s comprehensive notes and in-depth explanation of every chapter. School tutorials and tests became very manageable. Mr Koh delivers lessons in a way that instills in me passion for chemistry. Every lesson is full of interesting and mind-blowing concepts! Even though Mr Koh has to handle large class sizes, he always makes time and effort for weaker students while providing new challenges and resources for the faster ones. Despite being an extremely qualified teacher, he remains humble and constantly seeks to improve his teaching methods and materials. Mr Koh has helped me to achieve an A for many Chemistry tests, exams and finally for the A levels. However, I have gained so much more than just mere results – the passion for chemistry! I am eternally grateful to Mr Koh who has helped me score an A in Chemistry for the A-levels. Thank you Mr Koh!

A Level Chemistry was always a struggle for me, and I never managed to pass a single Chemistry exam throughout my two years in JC. Finally, I decided to join TWIG a week before my prelims in a desperate attempt to conquer Chemistry by the time A level came around. Despite getting a U for Chemistry during my prelims, I managed to get an A for my “A” levels. This would not have been possible without the guidance of Mr Koh, who is a dedicated and patient teacher. He was always willing to address my questions through whatsapp and even went the extra mile of giving me free private consultations to clear my doubts and explain key concepts to me. He also imparted valuable examination skills which really helped me in the actual “A” level exam. Mr Koh was truly a wonderful teacher to me, and I would not have achieved my “A” level success without him. Thank you for everything, Mr Koh!

After attending Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition, Chemistry seemed much more interesting as an subject. Mr Koh helps us by simplifying the concepts that I once found difficult to understand. Mr Koh is an extremely engaging teacher and chemistry classes do not seem as boring as before! We are able to practice the knowledge that we learn immediately on the questions given to us, enabling us to understand these concepts better. It is no doubt that Mr Koh has helped me gain my A in chemistry for the A-levels and I am really grateful to him!

Mr Koh is an extremely dedicated and patient teacher. He has played a great part in helping me improve in A  level Chemistry throughout the course of JC2. His lessons are always engaging as he is able to break down difficult concepts in a clear and concise manner which allowed me to apply these concepts to challenging questions. Mr Koh would place emphasis on types of questions that are frequently tested in examinations, and also bring our attention to the common tricks that teachers tend to set for their students. Being able to improve in Chemistry made me gain interest and confidence in the subject, which eventually allowed me to score an A at the ‘A’ levels. Thank you Mr Koh!

I’d like to thank Mr Koh for his patience and teaching which were always strongly oriented towards the demands of the H2 A Level Chemistry syllabus. His notes, concept maps, revision packages and explanation during every class have helped me grasp all of the concepts required. I’ve always worked very closely with what Mr Koh has provided for us and it made mastering the H2 chemistry syllabus a lot easier for me. I don’t find myself struggling so much for chemistry after attending Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition and I was able to stay on par with what is taught in school. Mr Koh was also always willing to stay back after class to answer any questions we had and it has helped me a lot as I don’t leave any doubts unanswered. Enjoyed all his classes and I really learnt a lot! Eventually, I got an A for Chemistry for my A Levels.

Mr Koh was a teacher who was effective in delivering his content. His explanation was clear and concise. He was also very patient in explaining to me. I benefited most because he would go to the extent of staying back after lessons to clarify my doubts. If I encountered any doubts along the week, he would also accept questions via Whatsapp. I could also book consults with him. I am grateful to have a patient teacher who also knew his work well. His selection of question in his revision booklets was also helpful in ensuring that I practice important questions for my A-levels. Thank you Mr Koh!

Chemistry quickly became my best subject to my worst subject when JC started, as the JC curriculum was starkly different from the secondary school curriculum, and much of secondary school knowledge became defunct as they were too simple. Consequently, I performed poorly in J1, scoring S for my J1 block test, J1 promotional exam and J2 block test 1. I was also perpetually stunned by most chemistry questions.

I joined Twig Learning Center in early J2, after block test 1, after being recommended by seniors and batchmates. Under Mr. Koh’s guidance, my chemistry gradually improved. He is able to simplify difficult concepts and always highlights ‘trick’ questions set by Cambridge examiners and school teachers. During lessons, he would assign us with exercises to test our understanding and would then walk around the class to highlight our mistakes. Moreover, his resources are plentiful. Prior to each major examination, Mr Koh would print stacks of topical past year exam or A level questions, with detailed solutions, for us to practice on our own. Slowly, my chemistry grades improved to an A in block test 2 and a B in prelims. I also found the lessons leading up to Prelims and A levels particularly useful as he drilled us with past year questions and went through the difficult questions, even repeating them several times to make sure we do not fall for these ‘tricks’.

Moreover, I am thankful for Mr Koh’s diligence as he never gives up on any student. He is willing to go the extra mile to see his students for consultations outside of lesson timings, myself included, and he patiently responds to all of my question via whatsapp. Eventually, I got an A for Chemistry A Levels, and I would like to attribute my success to Mr Koh. Thank you Mr Koh!

Chemistry has never been my best subject and always caused me the most trouble (both years in JC) and I have never passed a chemistry paper. However Mr Koh was always encouraging and willing to help. Mr Koh always ensured to provide individual attention and was always available to answer questions both inside and out of class. He was even able to notice that I had been struggling in a topic during his class and later on provided me with notes to try to and help me further understand the topic. Not only is he an encouraging teacher but he provides excellent notes and worksheets, that without, I do not think I would have been able to achieve an A. So thank you Mr Koh (:

Mr Koh is exceptionally clear in explaining himself. He breaks down the complex world of Chemistry into simple, logical concepts and words that are easy to grasp & very practical to apply when tackling questions. Despite the large classroom setting of his lessons, he offered personal help to students who required it. He was able to understand my problem with Chemistry and solve it with me. His passion for teaching and approachable demeanour transformed A Level Chemistry, from a once daunting & incomprehensible subject, into one that I understood and became genuinely curious about. Thank you, Mr Koh!

I struggled with A Level Chemistry  throughout JC. I always failed or got at most E in JC1. But when I joined TWIG in JC2, suddenly all the concepts felt so much easier to grasp and I could actually keep up in class. After just one term in TWIG, I jumped from a S to C! Mr Koh breaks down complex concepts and questions to make them so easy to understand. He’s also always so patient in explaining. Eventually I got an A for Chemistry for my A Levels! Thank you Mr Koh!

Mr Koh is one of the most dedicated and patient teachers that I’ve ever had the privilege of being taught by throughout my schooling years. He is extremely approachable and willing to answer questions and always takes time to patiently clear each and every student’s doubts after lessons. One of the truly remarkable things about Mr Koh is that he bothers to be more of a mentor to his students. He is very understanding and truly cares about his students’ well being, never failing to encourage them to strive for the best.

Of course, he has an exceptional ability to impart his vast knowledge to students and is always able to use appropriate examples to simplify and clarify complex concepts in Chemistry. His customized lecture notes for each topic are often much more concise and palatable than school lecture notes and come in handy especially for the more complicated topics. One of the things I found most useful was the way Mr Koh would break down the different types of questions that could possibly be tested for each topic as it helped me approach different questions correctly. He would also highlight “short-cuts” to tackle some of the more difficult questions.

Besides all this, his lessons remain fun and engaging all the time such that studying Chemistry doesn’t seem like such a bore after all! I honestly could not have done well in the recent A level exams without his invaluable guidance and would just like to thank Mr Koh for being such an exceptional tutor!

Mr koh has been a great help for Chemistry throughout J2. I had a hard time catching up with the syllabus in Jc1, to an extent where I almost gave up all hope and interest in the subject with my horrible E-D grades. Luckily, I happened to chance across Twig Learning Center’s website and I enrolled immediately. Mr koh has unique teaching methods which re-fuelled my passion for Chemistry and leave me wanting more. He is also a very patient and attentive teacher, clarifying any doubts and queries. My A for chemistry in A levels was largely due to Mr koh’s efforts and I am very thankful to him for that!

Mr Koh will never say no to you when you have any questions to enquire on regarding Chemistry, despite the overwhelming number of students that he had. That was essential for me to fully grasp the required concepts that I can then easily apply for other challenging questions. He would also suggest short-cuts to the students to do questions in the most efficient way, which comes in especially handy during the A-levels when time is precious. Most importantly, he is fully aware and is responsive to the ever-changing A-Levels syllabus as compared to some other tuition teachers. My A Level Chemistry grade improved from a S grade for prelims to an A in the A Levels.

Thank You Mr Koh!

I was a student of Anglo Chinese Junior College. Having struggled in Chemistry during my secondary school days, it was no surprise to me when I started off failing my JC Chemistry tests, scraping through with an E grade for promos. After my CCA season came to an end in J2, my fellow classmates and chemistry strugglers convinced me to join Twig Learning Center, where my appreciation and understanding of chemistry grew exponentially. Despite attaining E again for my prelims, through the many previous year questions and notes supplied by Twig Learning Center, and by the grace of God, I managed to achieve an A grade for A Level Chemistry. I would sincerely like to thank Twig Learning Center and Mr Koh for helping me through my A level journey!

Mr Koh has helped me greatly in my A Level Chemistry. His dedication and patience in ensuring that we understood what was being taught was key to my understanding in the subject. Prior to joining Twig, I was confused about many concepts, and hence, did not do well. However, Mr Koh’s approachability made it less stressful to ask questions, even the seemingly silly ones. During practices, he would go from table to table, tirelessly answering all our questions. Even after the lesson has ended, he would stay back to clear our remaining doubts or even explain the same concept again, using other methods and analogies, just to ensure that we grasp the idea. After what seemed like hundreds of questions asked and many concepts cleared, I finally started to improve in Chemistry.

I also greatly appreciate the external help he gave us. Besides teaching and summarizing all the key concepts in a very effective way, he also introduced us to new mechanisms and chemistry knowledge that were out of the syllabus but which were frequently tested in examinations. As a result, I could understand what the question was looking for and used the external knowledge to my advantage in solving the “tricky” and strange-looking questions. This extra knowledge has also helped me to understand the syllabus and hence do well for my A Levels.

All in all, I genuinely thank Mr Koh for his help for my A Level Chemistry for he has definitely played a great role in boosting not only my grades in the subject, but also my confidence and interest. Thank you Mr Koh!!

It is no exaggeration that I have never passed Chemistry once ever since I entered JC. The only time I passed was during prelims in J2, after I started attending classes with Mr Koh. I am very thankful to him for being a huge reason for the final passing of A Level Chemistry in my school’s prelims (I managed a C, from a U!), and eventually attained an A for the A Levels. After learning with Mr Koh, I started to understand the concepts for what they were, the understanding behind the mechanisms, not just blindly memorising and superficially skimming over the reactions. His passion for Chemistry was infectious and I enjoyed the lessons despite being tired after a whole school day. Mr Koh has made a difference in my Chemistry journey, helping me to enjoy a subject I once dreaded the most! 😀

Thank you so much Mr Koh for all your help and all the best for your future endeavours! 🙂

Mr Koh’s dedication to his students is revealed in how he is ever-willing to spend extra hours with us to clear their doubts. During consultation sessions, Mr Koh not only focuses on answering our questions, but also takes the opportunity to ensure a clear understanding of concepts that are being tested by asking stimulating questions. This effectively clears misconceptions and creates deeper impressions of the underlying big ideas. Such learning experiences truly go a long way in helping us to apply the concepts to tackle exam questions, which have become increasingly creative.

Understanding how students are always hard-pressed for time during exams, Mr Koh emphasizes on answering techniques which many find helpful in approaching questions efficiently. He would also suggest short-cuts to which certain questions can be answered. Still, Mr Koh would insist on giving clear, full explanations to aid our understanding. In doing so, he expertly weaves a safety net of fundamental ideas which we can fall back on anytime to formulate solutions to A Level Chemistry problems.

Beyond a Chemistry tutor, Mr Koh is an educator who patiently nurtures the love for Chemistry in his students. Though I always seem to be hitting a glass ceiling in school assessments, Mr Koh continued to encourage and believe in me. His efforts had a huge part to play in my breakthrough to an ‘A’ for the A’ Levels.

Thank you Mr Koh, it was truly a blessing to be your student!

Twig is a great place to go! Mr Koh is nice and he teaches A Level Chemistry in a way that is easy to understand. He does not assume any knowledge I should have gained from school and he points out important things to remember because they are frequently tested. He gives ample practice during lesson time which is very useful because it really helped me remember all my organic chemistry reactions. I was surprised at how much I could remember after attending his lessons! He also explicitly points out the reason why certain things happen that way, which may not be explained in school. He is always happy to answer questions when we do additional work. He is very approachable and I am not afraid to ask him questions, even those that sound silly, because he will patiently teach me the stuff. I am not afraid to hazard a guess to his questions because he makes it okay to be wrong. I enjoyed going for his lessons after school and I feel that I benefited a lot from them. I got an A for A Levels. Thank you Mr Koh!

Mr Koh is a really dedicated teacher, which can be seen through his self-made notes and collations of hundreds of practice chemistry questions. I had almost given up on chemistry, attaining consistent U grades in my J1 year studying by myself. I definitely did not expect to get an A for my CTs in J2 after joining Twig’s A Level Chemistry tuition. This was all made possible by Mr Koh, who did not give up on teaching me although my grasp of concepts was terrible when I first started, until my concepts were strong. I find his way of teaching very useful in my understanding of concepts – he first goes through the chapter, allowing us to try examples in lessons and ask if any doubts arise, followed by providing us with topical questions for us to revise the chapter at home again. His notes have been extremely helpful during my studying for the A levels, to the point when I just relied on his notes for studying reference. His collation of past year A level Chemistry questions was also probably one of the main factors in allowing me to achieve my final A in H2 Chemistry for the A levels. Thank you Mr Koh!

A Level Chemistry was never a subject I was good in. I got Us all the way from my first Block Test in J1 to Promos for Chemistry. I knew I needed help and things kinda got desperate for me when I continued to get S grade for J2 Block test 2 (in July). That was when I considered joining Twig’s A Level Chemistry tuition – I was apprehensive at first but decided to go ahead because I could not afford to fail my A level Chem.

About my Twig experience...Mr Koh is very patient with slower students like me, and a very dedicated teacher. I used to whatsapp him my Chemistry questions and he would reply me within minutes showing fully worked out solutions. That strengthened my understanding on Chemistry a lot.

Don’t expect your results to immediately skyrocket though – my improvement was slow but STEADY. With continued hard work (yes you still HAVE to work very hard even with great chemistry tutors..), I got A in Chem for A levels!!

Thank you Mr Koh!

Prior to attending Mr. Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition classes, I was a straight-U student for H2 A Level Chemistry in J1 and the earlier part of J2. Chemistry was my least favourite subject at school and I dreaded it. However, with Mr. Koh’s effective methods of imparting knowledge and skills in Chemistry to us, I found myself gradually improving in this subject and even learning to appreciate it. Eventually, I improved to a D for prelims and an A for A levels! I owe this to Mr. Koh’s patient guidance, generous support and his constant belief in me.

I will definitely recommend Mr. Koh to all my friends and juniors. Once again, thank you Mr. Koh!

Mr Koh has always been patient in answering all my queries and doubts! He would stay back after class each night to make sure all of our doubts are addressed. In addition, he always took an extra effort to prepare extra materials for us! He breaks down concepts to bite-sized pieces and makes chemistry easily understood. Learning from you has been such an awesome experience! By the way, I got A for A Levels H2 Chemistry! Thank you so much Mr Koh!

I enjoyed attending Mr Koh’s classes tremendously as he has a way of breaking down complex chemistry such that is easy to understand and manageable. His lesson materials are also succinct and precise, with ample examples and practice questions which are critical in grounding our understanding for every topic.

From a U grade in J1 to getting A for A levels, it was not easy but Mr Koh’s dedicated teaching and hard work altogether paid off. Thank you Mr Koh for your patience and guidance which really helped me make significant improvement in Chemistry 🙂

Mr Koh has helped me to achieve an A in H2 Chemistry ‘A’ Levels! His notes are the BEST that you can have, being concise and summarised. Mr Koh makes Chemistry look simple by making us understand the concepts well, and especially making the links with every topic. With more than sufficient well-picked questions from Prelim Papers and past ‘A’ levels , Mr Koh has prepared me to experience more challenging questions which are very useful when tackling questions during ‘A’ Levels. He also goes the extra mile to coach on the weaker students and always, without fail, agree for consultations! I really want to thank Mr Koh for all the effort, guidance and advice he has given to me! Oh, and Twig Learning Centre has snacks for busy students, like me, to eat when I’m feeling hungry during lessons!! ;

I heard about Mr Koh’s H2 Chemistry tuition through a senior who improved from U to B (prelims) to A (A-levels). Struggling in my chemistry exams as an U-grade student, I decided to give it a try. It worked wonders and I improved from U to A (A-levels) as well. A shot but there was no harm trying.

Academically-wise, Mr Koh is a brilliant Chemistry teacher with his qualifications and also has a gift in teaching. He is quick to cut down on his words in class and point out concepts which students are likely to overlook. Also, there are frequent practises/tests which would specifically target questions to tackle exams. “Work Smart” is a principle of Mr Koh, who would spend extra effort just to filter information for students to absorb better.

It is fair to say Mr Koh achieved teaching excellence owning much to his passion. On a personal level, Mr Koh would help students individually during practise time, pointing out mistakes fast and accurately. He would go out of his way to help the student, until he/she understood. I recalled the time when Mr Koh would stay back 2 hours over after tuition just to ensure we understand our work. Personally, I remembered that Mr Koh made an extra effort for me to attend lessons even when there were school activities.

By simplifying Chemistry, Mr Koh makes students more comfortable with the subject. I then developed a passion for chemistry, which was the key to my great improvement.

Uniquely, his teachings have an external influence on study approaches, which I find useful to internalise and study effectively in other content-heavy subjects.

Such a teacher is admirable. I feel that Mr Koh offers value for his work, together with his passion and ability. As a student I have taken his tuition and do not regret it. There are many other friends I know of who also improved from the lowest to the highest grade. It is possible with good guidance and support.

We have done well, but credit goes to the teacher who taught us.

Thank you Mr Koh!

Initially, when I first took up H2 Chemistry in junior college, I was a little worried because of my B3 grade in chemistry back in my secondary school. Due to my weak foundation in Chemistry, it was rather tough for me in the beginning. I failed badly for most of the chemistry tests and almost wanted to drop this subject. Knowing that chemistry is an important requirement for most university courses, I decided to continue to take up this subject and find a tutor that would really help to boost my grades. Fortunately, Mr Donnell Koh was my saviour.

He was exceptionally brilliant in imparting chemistry knowledge to his students. Instead of the traditional rote learning method in school, he really wanted us to truly understand the rationale behind the every chemistry concepts. Such teaching method really was beneficial for us because A-level examinations had been evolved in the way that test students’ ability to apply chemistry concepts in a practical manner.

Moreover, Mr Donnell Koh also constantly prepared for us many good chemistry questions especially after every chemistry chapter and during our school major examinations. These questions are relevant in the sense that they would always serve to reinforce the concepts that we often overlook. Most importantly, Mr Donnell Koh was an extremely caring and conscientious teacher. Whenever his students have any doubts in concepts, he would often stay back after lessons even for hours to explain the concepts to his students. His explanation was simple to understand and direct to the point which served to correct every misunderstanding that the students might have. Under his guidance for these few months, I managed to obtain an A grade for my A-level H2 chemistry. I would like to say that Mr Donnell Koh is the most amazing teacher that I have ever met. He deserves every respect from his students and I would like to grab this opportunity to say a big thank you to him.

Before joining Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition class, I was consistently getting ʻU’s in school, and my grades reflected my level of interest in the subject. Mr Koh, however, changed all that. With his earnest and compelling manner of teaching, he somehow managed to bring chemistry to life. In class, he sustained my interest with his arsenal of silly jokes, real-life examples and hands-on experiments. Each of his lessons is evidently thoughtfully planned and structured to have the maximum impact on his students, and this is a testament to his dedication and commitment as a teacher. Despite my initial distaste for Chemistry, Mr Koh continued to encourage me to persevere in it, and he firmly believed in my ability to do well if I applied myself.He went out of his way to make sure that I understood the concepts taught, always taking the time to answer any questions I had (at any time of the day!), no matter how seemingly trivial. Thank you, Mr Koh, for being a teacher and more. Never lose your passion for teaching, even if you do meet many more students that start out like me! 🙂

Mr. Donnell Koh has been my civics tutor as well as my chemistry teacher at Raffles Junior College. He is one of the best teachers I have come across throughout my schooling years … he cares for the well-being of all his students and exhibits care towards every individual in the class … he commands a respect from his students … his teaching is highly effective and his lessons are always well-taught and very comprehensible…his students almost never lose focus during lesson and always take away new knowledge after each lesson…the difficult concepts appear to be much easier when he explains…I will attribute my successful application to Cambridge University to Mr. Koh entirely. His strong recommendation and excellent teaching has been the reason why I am able to receive an offer from such a prestigious University.

Mr Koh was a strong pillar on which the class dynamics was built upon. For instance, he would initiate class CIP and conduct interesting lessons (especially during civics lessons) to strengthen class bonds. I admire Mr Koh’s uncanny ability to strike a balance between his professional and brotherly demeanor such that he can be a supremely effective teacher and friend at the same time…it seems almost unfair that Mr Koh is armed with such a formidable arsenal of teaching techniques. He has the ability to slow down to make the weaker students understand, and also the ability to incessantly challenge and intrigue stronger students…It is excessively difficult to exaggerate Mr Koh’s qualities as a teacher – a mentor, as I would wish to, for the sake of writing an outlandish testimonial. Indeed, he epitomizes the spirit of a teacher so well that there is little room for that.

I would describe Mr Koh as not only a knowledgeable teacher who is always ready to clear our doubts regarding our work, but also a dedicated friend whom we all respect…The learning environment was kept fun during chemistry tutorials…Being good- natured, he often encouraged us to be actively involved in community service and even joined us on our class CIP where we volunteered to do mural painting at the Institute of Mental Health. Mr Koh was supportive not only as a teacher but as a friend, often expressing concern over how we were coping with both studies and CCA, and offering advice on all our unduly worries of our future…It was a memorable time for me in Junior College, in a wonderful class with such an inspirational teacher to guide us along.

Mr. Koh is easily one of the best Chemistry teachers in RJC, if not the best. He is able to articulate complex concepts to students in a manner that is easy to grasp and comprehend. In other words, he makes difficult concepts simpler to absorb. His tutoring skills have developed to a stage where he can predict most of the common mistake students often make when attempting questions. His lessons are not only engaging but also enriching. It is because of his tutoring that my Chemistry has improved tremendously, and I am very certain that he has worked wonders for many of my fellow schoolmates as well. Mr. Koh possesses all the characteristics of a model tutor. It is not an exaggeration to say that every student would like to have a tutor like him. He clearly has the passion and zest for teaching. Personally, he has inspired me to enjoy Chemistry, which is truly remarkable. All in all, he makes learning a rewarding experience.

Mr. Koh has been a terrific chemistry tutor and role model for me. He is one of those rare teachers who can compound flippancy and conscientiousness, both an easy-going mate and a serious worker. In this he sets an endearing example of exemplary conduct and work ethic without the stifling nitpicking that sets student’s teeth on edge. His patience and concern with understanding of the subject establishes him as a top tier teacher who truly deserves the respect and affection my class and I give him.

Mr Donnell Koh is, first and foremost, a teacher who shows much dedication in his work. With much patience, he would go the extra mile to see that his students attain a better understanding of Chemistry, even if it means going through what he has already gone through before. Mr Koh’s approachability endears him to his students. Adding in his sense of humour, what you have then, is a teacher to remember.

Mr Koh saw me through A level chemistry at RJC and he is one of the most dedicated teachers i’ve known. He stresses on ‘getting the basic concepts /big picture’ because he believes that once we have the concepts at our finger tips, we will be able to tackle any exam question. Thereafter, he will expose us to a variety of questions and teach us strategies to approach the question in an exam smart manner.

Mr koh will not dismiss questions raised by his students as ‘irrelevant’ or ‘too silly’. Through these questions, he is quick to detect misunderstandings that the student may unknowingly have. Because of his approachability and patience, students dare to clarify doubts and hence gain a better understanding in the subject. I remembered how Mr Koh took a personal interest in every student’s progress. He ensures that no student is left behind by organizing small group tutorials to meet the needs of each student. Such a teacher who goes beyond his call of duty is hard to find these days.

Having him as my chemistry tutor is one of the greatest blessings in my JC days. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is struggling with basic chemistry and those seeking to understand higher level chemistry concepts!

Mr Koh had been a superb civics tutor when he was still teaching back at RJC. Despite having to handle a rather playful civics tutorial group, he was always patient with us, giving his best efforts both inside and outside of the classroom. Even after he left RJC, Mr Koh continued to show tons of care and concern for his students. He remembered birthdays, wished us luck for our exams and was extremely concerned with our academic progress.

As a private tutor, Mr Koh showed relentless commitment to teaching as well, preparing to-the-point summarised lecture notes and comprehensive practice questions for every single topic. Under his tutorage, I have made tremendous improvements in my grades. In addition, his humorous style of teaching completely transformed boring Chemistry lessons into interactive and engaging ones. Most importantly, he was always able to explain abstract Chemistry concepts in simple layman terms, ensuring that everyone in class understood fully. All in all, I strongly believe that he would continue to produce many more outstanding students.

H2 Chemistry used to be the burden of my JC life. no matter how hard I tried to study, I just couldnt figure it out. and now, after attending just weekly lessons, my grade has improved drastically. More importantly, Mr Koh gives me the confidence that I need to ace my As! And i’m sure that applies to everyone who went for his lessons too. Probably the most fun and interesting tuition ever. Twig!!

I’ve always hated Chemistry until I went to Twig. Twig breaks down chem topics into easy-to-understand bits, which makes learning H2 Chemistry no longer boring and dry but interesting and interactive. If you are still struggling to comprehend those thick school notes with lots of unnecessary materials, hesitate no more. Going to Twig is one of the most useful decisions you can make to improve your Chemistry grade!

Joining Twig Learning Center in early 2008 was one of the best academic decisions I have made. For most of my JC life, I was uninterested in Chemistry. It was a confusing subject quagmired in thick notes and my grades left much to be disired. Lessons with Mr Koh changed that – his lessons made each topic simple, direct and to-the-point. It gave me the firm foundation in Chemistry knowledge that I badly needed, and that gave me the confidence to handle the subject.

In addition, Mr Koh is also a very patient tutor. He ensures that have full understanding of the explanation to the many (many) questions that I asked, always explaining every answer from its very core concepts upwards to strengthen my foundation. This I found very helpful, as it taught me how to handle any questions in examinations. He goes the extra mile for his students, staying behind after each lesson (sometimes for many hours) so that we can clarify our doubts.

As a result of his efforts, not only have my Chemistry grades improved, I find Chemistry interesting (believe me, this is no mean feat). The one subject that I couldn’t wait to get rid of in JC1 is presently one that I hope I will have further opportunities to study. Thank you Mr Koh.

Mr Koh, you are a natural teacher. There are some people who are born to be writers, poets, artists, etc, and your gift is in teaching. One explanation is always enough. Twig’s notes are short, clear and to the point, and it really prepares one well for examinations. On the contrary, school notes can be thick, confusing, and sometimes incomplete cos the lecturer swiches slides before we even finish copying!

The best part about Twig is that we’re always free to ask you questions anytime during the lesson. The class is small, and even if we do not ask questions, we benefit listening to other students’ questions and hearing the explanantion. It is impossible to ask so many questions in tutorials at school, and even more difficult to hear the questions my classmates ask because school tutorials are so noisy! At Twig, we never face this problem.

I joined Twig’s A Level Chemistry tuition because my Chemistry grade dropped from A/B in JC1 to a E in JC2 CT1, largely because organic chem was a new topic and I didnt understand it well initially. After I joined Twig, my grade improved from E to A within the span of 3 months, even topping the class! Even my school tutor could not understand how I managed to improve so much!

Twig’s Chemistry lessons are the only lessons which I look forward to attending. Sometimes I dread going to school but I enjoy the cosy atmosphere at Twig!

This is just to say a HUGE thank you for all your patience and guidance for A levels last year. Thank you for being wonderfully encouraging and I think that your belief in me and patience gave me a lot of confidence. Thank you for taking all the extra time to mark the practices that I did, and I appreciate all your effort in carefully explaining every single concept. I got an A in H2 chemistry for my A levels. Thank you Mr Koh!

H2 Chemistry was never my best subject and I often took a long time to master each topic. Weekly A Level Chemistry tuition at Twig accelerated my conceptual understanding and enhanced my application skills greatly. Twig’s notes are concise and encapsulate well the required definitions and qualitative explanations under the syllabus as well as provide sufficient basic and advanced level practices. More importantly, Mr Koh is a natural and extremely adept teacher – his explanations never failed to aid me in internalizing what I could not fully comprehend from lectures and tutorials in school. That is perhaps the greatest comparative advantage that Twig can offer over other tuition centres. Mr Koh makes a conscious effort to link new topics to old ones, building on past understandings to re-establish new ones. He uses as well simplified models and this diagramatic approach to teaching is truly effective in honing a holistic understanding. I am most grateful to Mr Koh for his willingness to clarify my queries in the month before the A level examinations. That I was able to process his explanations over email is but a testament to my strong foundation of the subject that he managed to build.

Thank you Mr Koh!

Describing Donnell as an excellent teacher will definitely not be an overstatement. He is able to communicate very effectively with his students and seems to have a nack of making difficult concepts look easy. As a teacher, he is selfless in assisting students under his charge to achieve grades which may have been seemingly out of reach. He wouldn’t hesitate to offer assistance to students in need and would have no qualms staying back an hour or more just to brush up chemistry concepts which they could not grasp during lesson time. Ample practice is definitely provided during lessons for students to put their problem solving skills to the test. All in all, TWIG has a wonderful package of lessons provided and with such a wonderful, caring and compassionate teacher at the helm, it is undoubtedly the place to be if you would like your H2 chemistry grades to improve by leaps and bounds.

I never had a really keen interest in chemistry. But failing my first ever H2 chemistry test in JC caused me to actually want to go for tuition for the first time in my life, thus beginning my journey at Twig. After attending Twig, thanks to Mr Koh’s patient guidance, my H2 chemistry results improved tremendously, to the extent that I never got anything lower than a B for my school exams. Mr Koh’s concise and easy to understand notes also helped me develop a greater understanding for the various chemistry topics. Mr Koh conducts lessons in an interesting manner. He once demonstrated the electrolysis of sodium chloride for us in the classroom! His enthusiasm for chemistry also helped me develop a greater interest in chemistry. Mr Koh is always on hand to answer my queries and help me when I encounter any problems when doing the many practice questions he gives us. With Mr Koh’s guidance, I was one of the top students in my cohort for H2 chemistry during my prelim examinations, and eventually got an A in H2 chemistry for my A levels. Thank you Mr Koh!

Hi Mr Koh, I am very grateful to you for your guidance for the past two years. If it’s not for you, I doubt I would be able to achieve A for H2 Chemistry! Other than preparing notes on every topic, you would even point out the important sections that we ought to remember or be aware of, making our learning much easier, on top of having to study our school notes. Not to forget, you also provided us with many useful topical practices, as well as booklets with different topics for our revisions before prelims and A level. I especially love the experiments that you had performed in class! Just by using items that can be found around us in our daily life, you make lessons and chemistry more interesting! I doubt any other chemistry tutors do that during their lessons. You are also patient and clear in explaining concepts and queries whenever I go to lessons early or even after lessons when I stayed back for a while. Not only that, you also care a lot for your students, I still remembered that you sent me a sms to remind me to take good care of my eyes when I am unwell. I really appreciate your care and concern. I never regretted going to TWIG for tuition and meeting such a fun and nice teacher like you. Once again, a very BIG thank you! I bet now I will be able to start filling up the best-seller book written by you with more adventures! =) Once again, thank you very much!

Mr Koh is one of the best tutors that I have had. He has a natural ability to simplify abstract concepts through the use of examples and analogies, making H2 Chemistry simple and easy-to-understand. He is a patient and committed tutor who always ensures that every student has a clear understanding of the topic at hand. Mr Koh is able to integrate seemingly unrelated topics, building a better understanding of H2 Chemistry as an entire subject and preparing us for the (increasingly common) challenging cross-topic questions.

With his persistent guidance and the help of his concise and effective notes, I have never had to worry much about H2 Chemistry, leaving more time for me to focus on my poorer subjects. Mr Koh makes Chemistry an interesting and manageable subject. Thank you Mr Koh!
(Scored A for 2009 A-Level Chemistry)

I never had much interest in Chemistry and it had been one of my weakest subjects since secondary school. However, after attending Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition classes in J2, it became a different story altogether! The simple experiments that he conducted in class, like for electrolysis, and the examples that he used to show how H2 Chemistry is involved in our everyday life made Chemistry become a life subject. Thus, it was not difficult to give him my 100% attention! His concise notes made it easier for me to revise and understand all the concepts that were required especially in application questions. Also, his patient guidance and constant encouragement helped to alleviate my fear in attempting difficult questions instead of avoiding them, like in the past. Thanks to Mr Koh, I achieved an A in my H2 Chemistry for A Levels! Thank you Mr Koh!!!

Thank you for teaching me H2 Chemistry! You made the subject simple and easy to handle. I’ve improved by 4 grades since you tutored me! I really enjoy your teaching and it is very effective. Most importantly, thank you for the continuous support you have shown, be it in the words of encouragement after I’ve SMSed you my results or the extra consultation lessons you’re willing to offer. You are the best Chemistry tutor I’ve come across in all my years of education!!! Thank you very much Mr Koh! : )

Every lesson, Mr Koh’s ultimate goal is to help students, like myself, understand chemistry better than before we enter his classroom. His notes and worksheets captures the essence of the topic and are carefully crafted so that it meets the requirements of school and the syllabus. His explanations are very clear and concise. With on-the-spot questions to try out, individual attention is given to everyone when we need help with solving them, so that we could work through the questions at our own comfortable pace. This is crucial given that every student has their own doubts and misconceptions. Having some individual attention would effectively clear any doubts then and there. No doubt, he is always willing to help us with all our queries about the subject. Through his guidance, my understanding of chemistry has greatly improved! He is simply amazing at using simpler alternative ways to explain seemingly difficult concepts. I am very grateful to you for all the time and effort that you have put in to help me with chemistry. It is a great fortune to be able to attend your classes. I strongly believe that you will continue to explore the potential of many other students in the future. A great big thank you to you, Mr Koh!

Every lesson, Mr Koh’s ultimate goal is to help students, like myself, understand chemistry better than before we enter his classroom. His notes and worksheets captures the essence of the topic and are carefully crafted so that it meets the requirements of school and the syllabus. His explanations are very clear and concise. With on-the-spot questions to try out, individual attention is given to everyone when we need help with solving them, so that we could work through the questions at our own comfortable pace. This is crucial given that every student has their own doubts and misconceptions. Having some individual attention would effectively clear any doubts then and there. No doubt, he is always willing to help us with all our queries about the subject. Through his guidance, my understanding of chemistry has greatly improved! He is simply amazing at using simpler alternative ways to explain seemingly difficult concepts. I am very grateful to you for all the time and effort that you have put in to help me with chemistry. It is a great fortune to be able to attend your classes. I strongly believe that you will continue to explore the potential of many other students in the future. A great big thank you to you, Mr Koh!

Mr Koh is an excellent Chemistry tutor – passionate, dedicated and well-organised! His lessons are always ever so dynamic and interesting, with loads of fun added into his lessons through on-the-spot experiments, individual molecular models for everyone and so much more. His true dedication to teaching shows that teaching Chemistry is more than just a career for him, but is also his passion. He often stayed back after lessons for consultations to answer any questions that anyone had, regardless of whether they were from the challenging questions he gave in class or the out-of-the-box questions from the Raffles Academy in school. There were many times when his wife and children were waiting for him to end work (more than an hour after class has ended) but he made sure he completed his consultations. Besides, he would always go beyond what was expected by messaging us to show his concern for our exams immediately after our papers and would give us feedback on our weaknesses one-on-one. Mr Koh is a really inspiring chemistry tutor who gives us confidence in chemistry! Thank you Mr Koh =)

Attending Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition lessons at Twig was probably the best academic decision I’ve made in JC. After I scored a solid U grade for CT1s in J2, I was on the verge of giving up entirely on H2 Chemistry, thinking that I would never ever understand anything. But Mr Koh’s lessons were extremely well-crafted, logical and engaging – learning has seldom been made as fun or satisfying. I attribute my eventual A-level H2 Chemistry A grade to Mr Koh’s patience, dedication and masterful explanations. He really takes the time to ensure each student fully understands the concepts he teaches, and not just memorises the content. Mr Koh is a true first-class teacher, and I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an excellent chemistry tutor!

Twig’s A Level Chemistry lessons were fantastic. As dry as H2 Chemistry could get, Mr Koh’s passion, enthusiasm and vigor always infected me and the entire class to be extremely interested. Mr Koh was always happy and his teaching was really very interesting! Twig saved my chemistry results. Having attended the lessons and done most of the exercises Mr Koh specially picked out, my H2 chemistry grades improved from a U to a D to an A in both prelims and A levels. I credit Twig entirely for this improvement. Thank you Mr Koh for being so encouraging and caring! I will never forget how you replied all my text messages about chemistry and spent time before and after lessons just to clear all our doubts. Thank you (:’

It is always a joy being in Mr Donnell Koh’s class. His concise H2 Chemistry notes encapsulates all the concepts we are required to master for each topic such as the qualitative explanations, definitions, and mechanisms. His detailed and yet, simple explanation makes learning easy. Apart from that, we are also exposed to additional knowledge and mechanisms that are very useful but yet might not be taught in class. This allows me to comprehend all that i need to know easily and gives me an edge over the others in school. He even goes the extra mile for students, staying after each lesson for us to clarify our doubts so that no student is left behind.

Under his tutorship, my grades in school improved tremendously, to the point where I got second in school for the mid-year Chemistry exam in JC2. This is certainly a testament to his capabilities as a teacher, and i attribute this to Mr Koh. If you are having difficulties understanding those thick school notes with lots of unimportant materials, fret no more and join TWIG’s A Level Chemistry tuition! I strongly believe that he will produce many more outstanding students. THANK YOU MR KOH 🙂

Mr Koh, I just wanted to thank you for being such a dedicated Chemistry teacher, really from the bottom of my heart. You’re one of the more effective JC Chemistry tutors I’ve ever had and in all honesty, schools lose out not being able to hire someone like you. Thank you for taking extra time to guide me in the questions that I find hard to grasp. I really appreciate it! Here’s wishing you all the best in life and with that crazy passion for Chemistry… I’ve no doubt about it. Thank you Mr Koh!

Mr Koh has been one of the most inspiring teachers I’ve had in JC. As a highly dedicated and passionate JC Chemistry teacher, Mr Koh has made H2 Chemistry easy-to-understand for his students. Mr Koh is extremely approachable and patient, never failing to answer my incessant chemistry questions. He is also ever willing to clarify my doubts and clear my misconceptions, often asking us after class to stay back and ask him questions should we have any. He never leaves our questions hanging and will always explain the concepts until we understand it. After attending his lessons, I have found chemistry concepts very simple. Under Mr Koh’s teaching, I felt fully prepared for A levels. I give Mr Koh full credit for giving me a strong foundation in H2 Chemistry and giving me more confidence to take H2 Chemistry exams, even when the exams have gotten more difficult! Thanks Mr Koh for helping me get an ‘A’ in every single exam in JC and many Dean’s Lists. I couldn’t have done it without your help!

Mr Koh is a great and astute JC Chemistry teacher. His greatness lies far within the vast amount of concise notes and practice questions that you will be bestowed to. His astuteness lies in his gift in sifting out possible questions that will stand against you during your examinations. Most importantly, he is a tenacious, old-school teacher which deeply believes in constant, harsh drilling which his classes have benefitted much from. I am grateful to meet you. Thanks Mr Koh!

Chemistry was never an easy subject for me. Yet, after joining Twig’s A Level Chemistry tuition, I began to gain confidence and more importantly, develop an interest in it. This could not have been possible without Mr Koh’s proper guidance and unwavering support. Mr Koh was always able to make difficult things seem simple and this was vital for students like me who did not have a good foundation in the subject. Twig’s notes always came in handy and they focussed on the most fundamental concepts that we needed to know before attempting the questions. An absolutely dedicated JC Chemistry teacher who makes a conscious effort to explain the answers to our queries in as much detail as possible, Mr Koh is the teacher to look for when in doubt.

Mr Koh, thanks for always demonstrating what it means to love chemistry. Your infectious passion for the subject has undeniably inspired me and given me the motivation to work harder in order to do better!