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By Donnell Koh | 4 March 2019

Honest feedback from an ex-student from ACJC:

Official A level Chemistry grade: A

Many students struggle with JC Chemistry because it’s a big leap from secondary school. During my two years at Twig, Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition gave me a headstart over my peers and I am not exaggerating, but i understood almost everything in the lectures and tutorials without much effort. If you don’t understand your JC chemistry lectures and you’re not scoring well, that’s perfectly normal because maybe only 5% of the cohort actually does well. But if u take Mr Koh’s lessons, you’ll feel like one of those geniuses. Honestly, I’m not the brightest kid and I was mediocre/almost failing my other subjects, yet I was consistently getting A and >90percentile for every Chemistry exam. Shows that you can do it even if you think you’re mediocre or terrible at JC academics. Even if you join in J2, there’s a very high chance you will improve from a U or S grade to an A or B grade.

Mr Koh makes the concepts super clear and you’ll know how you should have been learning and all the good stuff (A LOT) you’ve been missing out sitting in school. A few of my friends were failing at Chemistry albeit the huge amount of work they put into it, and I introduced them to Twig. Most of them improved to an A or B grade. I suggest starting early with the lessons because once you get your Chemistry right, you free up so much more time for the other subjects. Actually as the tuition classes went by, I found myself putting less and less effort into Chemistry but still maintaining the same A grade.