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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr Koh is one of the most dedicated and patient teachers that I’ve ever had the privilege of being taught by throughout my schooling years. He is extremely approachable and willing to answer questions and always takes time to patiently clear each and every student’s doubts after lessons. One of the truly remarkable things about Mr Koh is that he bothers to be more of a mentor to his students. He is very understanding and truly cares about his students’ well being, never failing to encourage them to strive for the best.

Of course, he has an exceptional ability to impart his vast knowledge to students and is always able to use appropriate examples to simplify and clarify complex concepts in Chemistry. His customized lecture notes for each topic are often much more concise and palatable than school lecture notes and come in handy especially for the more complicated topics. One of the things I found most useful was the way Mr Koh would break down the different types of questions that could possibly be tested for each topic as it helped me approach different questions correctly. He would also highlight “short-cuts” to tackle some of the more difficult questions.

Besides all this, his lessons remain fun and engaging all the time such that studying Chemistry doesn’t seem like such a bore after all! I honestly could not have done well in the recent A level exams without his invaluable guidance and would just like to thank Mr Koh for being such an exceptional tutor!