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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Being a student who struggled to pass Chemistry in his JC1 year, I was recommended to Mr Koh’s H2 Chemistry tuition through a friend who faced the same issue as me. Through my time in Mr Koh’s class, I found myself beginning to have an interest in the subject, and soon my results began to pick up. Mr Koh is not only knowledgeable in his work, but also very passionate in his teaching. He teaches not to memorise content, but rather understanding the concepts, especially for heavy content topics such as Organic Chemistry. Under his guidance, I was very motivated to work hard for my Chemistry as Mr Koh consistently offered his time to personally clarify any doubts we had. Not only does he ensure that we understand our work, he is also quick and precise to point out our mistakes and help us through. Good results are often impossible without a good teacher. I scored an A for my A-levels Chemistry! Thank you Mr Koh for your guidance!