❤️Carissa, CJC 2012-2013

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

I’d like to thank Mr Koh for his patience and teaching which were always strongly oriented towards the demands of the H2 A Level Chemistry syllabus. His notes, concept maps, revision packages and explanation during every class have helped me grasp all of the concepts required. I’ve always worked very closely with what Mr Koh has provided for us and it made mastering the H2 chemistry syllabus a lot easier for me. I don’t find myself struggling so much for chemistry after attending Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition and I was able to stay on par with what is taught in school. Mr Koh was also always willing to stay back after class to answer any questions we had and it has helped me a lot as I don’t leave any doubts unanswered. Enjoyed all his classes and I really learnt a lot! Eventually, I got an A for Chemistry for my A Levels.