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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Chemistry quickly became my best subject to my worst subject when JC started, as the JC curriculum was starkly different from the secondary school curriculum, and much of secondary school knowledge became defunct as they were too simple. Consequently, I performed poorly in J1, scoring S for my J1 block test, J1 promotional exam and J2 block test 1. I was also perpetually stunned by most chemistry questions.

I joined Twig Learning Center in early J2, after block test 1, after being recommended by seniors and batchmates. Under Mr. Koh’s guidance, my chemistry gradually improved. He is able to simplify difficult concepts and always highlights ‘trick’ questions set by Cambridge examiners and school teachers. During lessons, he would assign us with exercises to test our understanding and would then walk around the class to highlight our mistakes. Moreover, his resources are plentiful. Prior to each major examination, Mr Koh would print stacks of topical past year exam or A level questions, with detailed solutions, for us to practice on our own. Slowly, my chemistry grades improved to an A in block test 2 and a B in prelims. I also found the lessons leading up to Prelims and A levels particularly useful as he drilled us with past year questions and went through the difficult questions, even repeating them several times to make sure we do not fall for these ‘tricks’.

Moreover, I am thankful for Mr Koh’s diligence as he never gives up on any student. He is willing to go the extra mile to see his students for consultations outside of lesson timings, myself included, and he patiently responds to all of my question via whatsapp. Eventually, I got an A for Chemistry A Levels, and I would like to attribute my success to Mr Koh. Thank you Mr Koh!