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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

I struggled with organic chemistry especially in J2 and despite ‘mugging’ over the June holidays, I didn’t see any improvement. Thanks to my friend’s recommendation, I joined Twig shortly after CT2. Mr Koh didn’t give up on me even when I had almost given up on myself and even though there were only 4 months left to A Levels. He was extremely dedicated and caring, always encouraging us to clear our doubts and then staying back late to address our queries. I also found the pedagogy at Twig highly effective, because I got to attempt the questions first, before Mr Koh goes through them in great detail, allowing me to learn from my mistakes on the spot and become very familiar with the concepts. I also practiced a lot using the topical revision booklets given at Twig and was exposed to a variety of questions, so by the time prelims came, I could expect the types of questions that would be tested, as well as how to tackle them. Eventually, I attained an A at A Levels! Looking back, joining Twig was definitely the turning point in my journey as a chem student – before, I did chem by memorizing and hated the subject, but after joining, I did chem by understanding and applying concepts, and it became one of my favorite subjects. Thank you so much for all your patience and guidance, Mr Koh!