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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Every year, thousands of students struggle with the rigor of A Level Chemistry, not because it was content heavy but also because it was much more trickier than the O levels. I, being no exception, continued to fail my chem papers during my J1 term and having barely scrapped a pass during promos. Worried as I was, I was very lucky to have met Mr Koh at Twig Centre. I remembered the first class he conducted on Organic Chemistry (Halogenoalkanes), having received his (superior) notes and listened in for the entire (mind blowing) lesson, I came out of the class feeling not just fulfilled but actually excited for the next lesson! Mr Koh has a nick for making chemistry come alive (literally! with some fun experiments conducted) during his classes and will even go the extra mile to clarify questions after class or via texts. Furthermore, he would always find the time to help weaker students in his classes, giving us the emotional support that is evermore required to handle any setbacks with school exams. Mr Koh is a great teacher, but more than that, a great friend and a true inspiration for Chemistry. Thank you Mr Koh for helping me Ace my Chemistry A Levels!