❤️Dominic Choo, VJC 2014 – 2015

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

I joined Twig because my sister had strongly recommended me when I was in JC1 and from the start I could immediately tell that Mr Koh is a very caring teacher. It is very seldom that you see teachers, let alone tutors with such passion, dedication and thoughtfulness. Mr Koh would never hesitate to help you even if it means less sleep, time outside of class and even endless amounts of questions on whatsapp. His love for chemistry is definitely contagious as he made me appreciate it and even eventually to love chemistry as well. I always looked forward to his lessons as it was highly engaging, interesting and mentally stimulating. During lessons, his teaching is very succinct, comprehensive and just at the right pace unlike most schools, thus enabling me to cope well. With countless amounts of materials ranging from concise yet detailed notes to extra practices at home and even cheat sheets to aid memory work, Mr Koh has definitely prepared me exceptionally well and I am sure he will do the same for you. For me, my only ‘problem’ was that I had too much useful material at my disposal. I’m very grateful for Mr Koh in helping me jump from an ‘E’ grade in my mid years to a ‘B’ grade in my prelims and finally an ‘A’ in my A levels. I’m sure that he is the unlike any other teachers you’ve seen before, as the level of detail and clarity in his explanations due to his many years in teaching is impeccable. Take my word that he seriously is the best that you can get. Lastly, thank you Mr Koh you’re one good lad and I look up to you.