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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Initially, when I first took up H2 Chemistry in junior college, I was a little worried because of my B3 grade in chemistry back in my secondary school. Due to my weak foundation in Chemistry, it was rather tough for me in the beginning. I failed badly for most of the chemistry tests and almost wanted to drop this subject. Knowing that chemistry is an important requirement for most university courses, I decided to continue to take up this subject and find a tutor that would really help to boost my grades. Fortunately, Mr Donnell Koh was my saviour.

He was exceptionally brilliant in imparting chemistry knowledge to his students. Instead of the traditional rote learning method in school, he really wanted us to truly understand the rationale behind the every chemistry concepts. Such teaching method really was beneficial for us because A-level examinations had been evolved in the way that test students’ ability to apply chemistry concepts in a practical manner.

Moreover, Mr Donnell Koh also constantly prepared for us many good chemistry questions especially after every chemistry chapter and during our school major examinations. These questions are relevant in the sense that they would always serve to reinforce the concepts that we often overlook. Most importantly, Mr Donnell Koh was an extremely caring and conscientious teacher. Whenever his students have any doubts in concepts, he would often stay back after lessons even for hours to explain the concepts to his students. His explanation was simple to understand and direct to the point which served to correct every misunderstanding that the students might have. Under his guidance for these few months, I managed to obtain an A grade for my A-level H2 chemistry. I would like to say that Mr Donnell Koh is the most amazing teacher that I have ever met. He deserves every respect from his students and I would like to grab this opportunity to say a big thank you to him.