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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

It is always a joy being in Mr Donnell Koh’s class. His concise H2 Chemistry notes encapsulates all the concepts we are required to master for each topic such as the qualitative explanations, definitions, and mechanisms. His detailed and yet, simple explanation makes learning easy. Apart from that, we are also exposed to additional knowledge and mechanisms that are very useful but yet might not be taught in class. This allows me to comprehend all that i need to know easily and gives me an edge over the others in school. He even goes the extra mile for students, staying after each lesson for us to clarify our doubts so that no student is left behind.

Under his tutorship, my grades in school improved tremendously, to the point where I got second in school for the mid-year Chemistry exam in JC2. This is certainly a testament to his capabilities as a teacher, and i attribute this to Mr Koh. If you are having difficulties understanding those thick school notes with lots of unimportant materials, fret no more and join TWIG’s A Level Chemistry tuition! I strongly believe that he will produce many more outstanding students. THANK YOU MR KOH 🙂