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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr Koh has helped me greatly in my A Level Chemistry. His dedication and patience in ensuring that we understood what was being taught was key to my understanding in the subject. Prior to joining Twig, I was confused about many concepts, and hence, did not do well. However, Mr Koh’s approachability made it less stressful to ask questions, even the seemingly silly ones. During practices, he would go from table to table, tirelessly answering all our questions. Even after the lesson has ended, he would stay back to clear our remaining doubts or even explain the same concept again, using other methods and analogies, just to ensure that we grasp the idea. After what seemed like hundreds of questions asked and many concepts cleared, I finally started to improve in Chemistry.

I also greatly appreciate the external help he gave us. Besides teaching and summarizing all the key concepts in a very effective way, he also introduced us to new mechanisms and chemistry knowledge that were out of the syllabus but which were frequently tested in examinations. As a result, I could understand what the question was looking for and used the external knowledge to my advantage in solving the “tricky” and strange-looking questions. This extra knowledge has also helped me to understand the syllabus and hence do well for my A Levels.

All in all, I genuinely thank Mr Koh for his help for my A Level Chemistry for he has definitely played a great role in boosting not only my grades in the subject, but also my confidence and interest. Thank you Mr Koh!!