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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr Koh has helped me to achieve an A in H2 Chemistry ‘A’ Levels! His notes are the BEST that you can have, being concise and summarised. Mr Koh makes Chemistry look simple by making us understand the concepts well, and especially making the links with every topic. With more than sufficient well-picked questions from Prelim Papers and past ‘A’ levels , Mr Koh has prepared me to experience more challenging questions which are very useful when tackling questions during ‘A’ Levels. He also goes the extra mile to coach on the weaker students and always, without fail, agree for consultations! I really want to thank Mr Koh for all the effort, guidance and advice he has given to me! Oh, and Twig Learning Centre has snacks for busy students, like me, to eat when I’m feeling hungry during lessons!! ;