❤️Kho Chen Han George, RJC 2005 – 2006

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr Koh was a strong pillar on which the class dynamics was built upon. For instance, he would initiate class CIP and conduct interesting lessons (especially during civics lessons) to strengthen class bonds. I admire Mr Koh’s uncanny ability to strike a balance between his professional and brotherly demeanor such that he can be a supremely effective teacher and friend at the same time…it seems almost unfair that Mr Koh is armed with such a formidable arsenal of teaching techniques. He has the ability to slow down to make the weaker students understand, and also the ability to incessantly challenge and intrigue stronger students…It is excessively difficult to exaggerate Mr Koh’s qualities as a teacher – a mentor, as I would wish to, for the sake of writing an outlandish testimonial. Indeed, he epitomizes the spirit of a teacher so well that there is little room for that.