❤️Koh Kian Leon, RJC 2005 – 2006

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr. Koh is easily one of the best Chemistry teachers in RJC, if not the best. He is able to articulate complex concepts to students in a manner that is easy to grasp and comprehend. In other words, he makes difficult concepts simpler to absorb. His tutoring skills have developed to a stage where he can predict most of the common mistake students often make when attempting questions. His lessons are not only engaging but also enriching. It is because of his tutoring that my Chemistry has improved tremendously, and I am very certain that he has worked wonders for many of my fellow schoolmates as well. Mr. Koh possesses all the characteristics of a model tutor. It is not an exaggeration to say that every student would like to have a tutor like him. He clearly has the passion and zest for teaching. Personally, he has inspired me to enjoy Chemistry, which is truly remarkable. All in all, he makes learning a rewarding experience.