❤️Li Ting, JJC 2008 – 2009

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Hi Mr Koh, I am very grateful to you for your guidance for the past two years. If it’s not for you, I doubt I would be able to achieve A for H2 Chemistry! Other than preparing notes on every topic, you would even point out the important sections that we ought to remember or be aware of, making our learning much easier, on top of having to study our school notes. Not to forget, you also provided us with many useful topical practices, as well as booklets with different topics for our revisions before prelims and A level. I especially love the experiments that you had performed in class! Just by using items that can be found around us in our daily life, you make lessons and chemistry more interesting! I doubt any other chemistry tutors do that during their lessons. You are also patient and clear in explaining concepts and queries whenever I go to lessons early or even after lessons when I stayed back for a while. Not only that, you also care a lot for your students, I still remembered that you sent me a sms to remind me to take good care of my eyes when I am unwell. I really appreciate your care and concern. I never regretted going to TWIG for tuition and meeting such a fun and nice teacher like you. Once again, a very BIG thank you! I bet now I will be able to start filling up the best-seller book written by you with more adventures! =) Once again, thank you very much!