❤️Ma Shenglin, HCI 2013 – 2014

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

My grade jumped from S in Prelim to B in A level. Though the B grade does not look as fantastic as the A grade that everyone aspires to get, I must declare that I have gained just as much as others through this journey of studying Chemistry. The experience that I get in TWIG Learning Center is something beyond what my result can tell. I need to admit that I did not really have a very strong understanding and a very solid foundation in Chemistry like some others did and I did not have strong passion for Chemistry to drive me through lots of hardship. I felt lost at many times in JC when I could not understand the lecture. Even worse, I could hardly comprehend and summarize the thick lecture notes provided by the school as I am not a good visual learner. I wanted to do well but most of the time, I was just unable to. The best thing that TWIG Learning Center gave me was attention and help, which really helped me to develop my interest in Chemistry little by little. I love lessons by Mr Koh as Mr Koh makes every concept seem so logical and reasonable. In this way, it is very easy for me to understand and remember the concept. I love Mr Koh’s lessons because the well-prepared lessons have the right amount of practice in between every different concept. The well-constructed notes emphasise the gist of each chapter, making his lessons efficient, ensuring we can understand and apply the concepts learnt. Besides that, he always walked around the class to help out the weaker students so that no one was left behind. He would stay back for us to answer all our questions. Sometimes, his voluntary question-and-answer session might last till very late especially when the exams were approaching but he never complained. He would never hesitate in helping us whenever we had doubts. He would also encourage me even if I did not do well. Mr Koh is a friendly, loveable and helpful teacher who you should study under if you need external help. He can help you grasp a deeper understanding of Chemistry, which I am really grateful of. He is one of those great teachers who you do not want to miss. His lessons are those great lessons that you look forward to all the time.