❤️Qin Ying, NYJC 2008 – 2009

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr Koh is one of the best tutors that I have had. He has a natural ability to simplify abstract concepts through the use of examples and analogies, making H2 Chemistry simple and easy-to-understand. He is a patient and committed tutor who always ensures that every student has a clear understanding of the topic at hand. Mr Koh is able to integrate seemingly unrelated topics, building a better understanding of H2 Chemistry as an entire subject and preparing us for the (increasingly common) challenging cross-topic questions.

With his persistent guidance and the help of his concise and effective notes, I have never had to worry much about H2 Chemistry, leaving more time for me to focus on my poorer subjects. Mr Koh makes Chemistry an interesting and manageable subject. Thank you Mr Koh!
(Scored A for 2009 A-Level Chemistry)