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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr Koh’s dedication to his students is revealed in how he is ever-willing to spend extra hours with us to clear their doubts. During consultation sessions, Mr Koh not only focuses on answering our questions, but also takes the opportunity to ensure a clear understanding of concepts that are being tested by asking stimulating questions. This effectively clears misconceptions and creates deeper impressions of the underlying big ideas. Such learning experiences truly go a long way in helping us to apply the concepts to tackle exam questions, which have become increasingly creative.

Understanding how students are always hard-pressed for time during exams, Mr Koh emphasizes on answering techniques which many find helpful in approaching questions efficiently. He would also suggest short-cuts to which certain questions can be answered. Still, Mr Koh would insist on giving clear, full explanations to aid our understanding. In doing so, he expertly weaves a safety net of fundamental ideas which we can fall back on anytime to formulate solutions to A Level Chemistry problems.

Beyond a Chemistry tutor, Mr Koh is an educator who patiently nurtures the love for Chemistry in his students. Though I always seem to be hitting a glass ceiling in school assessments, Mr Koh continued to encourage and believe in me. His efforts had a huge part to play in my breakthrough to an ‘A’ for the A’ Levels.

Thank you Mr Koh, it was truly a blessing to be your student!