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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

I never had much interest in Chemistry and it had been one of my weakest subjects since secondary school. However, after attending Mr Koh’s A Level Chemistry tuition classes in J2, it became a different story altogether! The simple experiments that he conducted in class, like for electrolysis, and the examples that he used to show how H2 Chemistry is involved in our everyday life made Chemistry become a life subject. Thus, it was not difficult to give him my 100% attention! His concise notes made it easier for me to revise and understand all the concepts that were required especially in application questions. Also, his patient guidance and constant encouragement helped to alleviate my fear in attempting difficult questions instead of avoiding them, like in the past. Thanks to Mr Koh, I achieved an A in my H2 Chemistry for A Levels! Thank you Mr Koh!!!