❤️Shu Xin, HCI 2013-2014

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr Koh is a fantastic teacher especially in making you LOVE CHEMISTRY. While that may sound impossible, I can guarantee you that you will develop some passion for the subject after having lessons with Mr Koh for roughly 3 months. Nerdy it may seem, this passion for Chemistry will really bring you far for you will be mind-blown at how willingly your brain picks up the seemingly complex Chemistry concepts. (At least that was true for me)  His patience in answering your endless chemistry questions will amaze you and the time spent listening attentively during Mr Koh’s lessons will definitely be more worth it than feeling troubled deciphering concepts whilst pouring over your books! I scored an A for my A-Level Chemistry! Thank you Mr Koh!

Disclaimer: All the above will be true only if you possess a keen learning attitude! : )