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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Chemistry. It’s a subject that I alway seek interest in but my past grades prove otherwise. I have always thought that the subject was abstract and difficult to understand. So I decided to seek help.
Many friends recommended me to give Twig Learning Centre a shot due to its past reputation of helping students improve tremendously. I decided then to give it a try.
When I started attending Mr Koh’s class, the subject gradually became clearer to me. His methodical and in-depth teaching aided me in my understanding of the subject. Mr Koh also conducts one-to-one sessions in class. When we are doing our practice questions, his patience and guidance have certainly contributed significantly to my rapid improvement.
From an E for prelims to an A for A levels is certainly not an easy feat. I can achieve this stellar result because of Mr Koh’s strong belief in unleashing my true potential. Thank you Mr Koh!:)