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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Twig was truly my life-changer. When I first joined Twig at the start of J2, I had been consistently flunking my Chemistry. I had received ‘U’ grades for all my tests in J1. However, just after one term at Twig, I managed to score a ‘C’ grade for my first common test in J2. By the time A levels came around, I was fully prepared to tackle the common and tough chemistry questions alike. My ‘A’ grade for H2 Chemistry at A levels is testament to the vast improvement I’ve made in Chemistry with the help of Mr Koh.As a student who scored A2 for Chemistry for O levels, JC Chemistry still stumped me. Not only was the content of JC Chemistry very different from that of secondary school chemistry, the lecture and tutorial style of teaching in JC was hard to adapt to and made it incredibly difficult to learn new topics-the lecture notes were cramped new information and before I managed to digest anything, I was expected to finish work for tutorials. At Twig, Mr Koh’s notes and teaching are clear and concise. His notes highlight important points in the topic and clarify common mistakes. The small class size and relatively slower pace of his teaching made it easier to absorb the information. While learning new topics, we do short practices along the way to test our knowledge of the topic step-by-step so that we can identify areas we don’t understand and immediately seek help from Mr Koh. His methodical teaching and ability to break down difficult concepts to the very basics, which makes it so much easier to learn new topics and tackle questions. From someone who used to be disinterested in Chemistry as I could not solve any questions, I found myself attempting more and more questions to challenge myself.

Mr Koh also provides short yet comprehensive summaries for all chapters. These notes were a life-saver during exams. They shortened my revision time considerably as they provided easy reference when I had any doubts. Nearing A levels, Mr Koh provided intensive practice where we attempted challenging questions after challenging questions which he selected. This really trained our ability and speed when tackling tough questions during exams, and made handling other questions much easier.

Mr Koh is one of the most knowledgeable and patient teacher I’ve met. He genuinely cares for his students. He is always willing to answer queries during, before and after his lessons as well as through WhatsApp. He never looked down on my results, misconceptions or mistakes I’ve made. I will recommend Twig to anyone who seeks to improve their Chemistry in JC. Thank you Mr Koh, I wouldn’t have achieved my A without your help!

Once again, thank you so much for your help and guidance. I hope Twig continues to attract and help many more students over the years.