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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

I heard about Mr Koh’s H2 Chemistry tuition through a senior who improved from U to B (prelims) to A (A-levels). Struggling in my chemistry exams as an U-grade student, I decided to give it a try. It worked wonders and I improved from U to A (A-levels) as well. A shot but there was no harm trying.

Academically-wise, Mr Koh is a brilliant Chemistry teacher with his qualifications and also has a gift in teaching. He is quick to cut down on his words in class and point out concepts which students are likely to overlook. Also, there are frequent practises/tests which would specifically target questions to tackle exams. “Work Smart” is a principle of Mr Koh, who would spend extra effort just to filter information for students to absorb better.

It is fair to say Mr Koh achieved teaching excellence owning much to his passion. On a personal level, Mr Koh would help students individually during practise time, pointing out mistakes fast and accurately. He would go out of his way to help the student, until he/she understood. I recalled the time when Mr Koh would stay back 2 hours over after tuition just to ensure we understand our work. Personally, I remembered that Mr Koh made an extra effort for me to attend lessons even when there were school activities.

By simplifying Chemistry, Mr Koh makes students more comfortable with the subject. I then developed a passion for chemistry, which was the key to my great improvement.

Uniquely, his teachings have an external influence on study approaches, which I find useful to internalise and study effectively in other content-heavy subjects.

Such a teacher is admirable. I feel that Mr Koh offers value for his work, together with his passion and ability. As a student I have taken his tuition and do not regret it. There are many other friends I know of who also improved from the lowest to the highest grade. It is possible with good guidance and support.

We have done well, but credit goes to the teacher who taught us.

Thank you Mr Koh!