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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

A Level Chemistry was never a subject I was good in. I got Us all the way from my first Block Test in J1 to Promos for Chemistry. I knew I needed help and things kinda got desperate for me when I continued to get S grade for J2 Block test 2 (in July). That was when I considered joining Twig’s A Level Chemistry tuition – I was apprehensive at first but decided to go ahead because I could not afford to fail my A level Chem.

About my Twig experience...Mr Koh is very patient with slower students like me, and a very dedicated teacher. I used to whatsapp him my Chemistry questions and he would reply me within minutes showing fully worked out solutions. That strengthened my understanding on Chemistry a lot.

Don’t expect your results to immediately skyrocket though – my improvement was slow but STEADY. With continued hard work (yes you still HAVE to work very hard even with great chemistry tutors..), I got A in Chem for A levels!!

Thank you Mr Koh!