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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

H2 Chemistry was never my best subject and I often took a long time to master each topic. Weekly A Level Chemistry tuition at Twig accelerated my conceptual understanding and enhanced my application skills greatly. Twig’s notes are concise and encapsulate well the required definitions and qualitative explanations under the syllabus as well as provide sufficient basic and advanced level practices. More importantly, Mr Koh is a natural and extremely adept teacher – his explanations never failed to aid me in internalizing what I could not fully comprehend from lectures and tutorials in school. That is perhaps the greatest comparative advantage that Twig can offer over other tuition centres. Mr Koh makes a conscious effort to link new topics to old ones, building on past understandings to re-establish new ones. He uses as well simplified models and this diagramatic approach to teaching is truly effective in honing a holistic understanding. I am most grateful to Mr Koh for his willingness to clarify my queries in the month before the A level examinations. That I was able to process his explanations over email is but a testament to my strong foundation of the subject that he managed to build.

Thank you Mr Koh!