❤️Yu Xian, NJC, 2011-2012

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By Donnell Koh | 11 February 2019

Mr Koh is a really dedicated teacher, which can be seen through his self-made notes and collations of hundreds of practice chemistry questions. I had almost given up on chemistry, attaining consistent U grades in my J1 year studying by myself. I definitely did not expect to get an A for my CTs in J2 after joining Twig’s A Level Chemistry tuition. This was all made possible by Mr Koh, who did not give up on teaching me although my grasp of concepts was terrible when I first started, until my concepts were strong. I find his way of teaching very useful in my understanding of concepts – he first goes through the chapter, allowing us to try examples in lessons and ask if any doubts arise, followed by providing us with topical questions for us to revise the chapter at home again. His notes have been extremely helpful during my studying for the A levels, to the point when I just relied on his notes for studying reference. His collation of past year A level Chemistry questions was also probably one of the main factors in allowing me to achieve my final A in H2 Chemistry for the A levels. Thank you Mr Koh!