Handwritten Notes vs. Digital Notes: Which is Better?

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Taking Notes

By Donnell Koh | 24 February 2019

Students of today’s generation are lucky enough to be able to experience the advantages of the ever improving methods of learning. Centers like Twig Learning Center A-Level Chemistry tuition serves as a supplementary learning for children that enables them to reach their highest potential as learners. While this is true, we greatly believe that each student still has his or her own learning techniques that works best for them.

Note-taking is one of the most effective tools in studying. Doing this gives countless of benefits to a student including simplified recap of class discussions, personalised study materials, copy of insights from lecturers that are not found on textbooks, and at the same time, it serves as a good technique to help one remember his or her lessons more.

With the advent of digital technologies, as simple as note-taking has also been revolutionised. Students today can now do it using their laptops, tablets, or smartphone. But the question is, which one is more effective in learning?

Why Handwritten Note-taking?

1. It’s engaging.

When you take notes the traditional way, your brain is more active and you engage more of your senses. Studies have been made on how our mind and body interacts in the process of learning. This area of study is called “haptics.” According to haptics, the more physically active you are in learning—this includes taking down notes—the more you are likely to remember all the information given to you. In chemistry there are many concepts and one very effective way to learn is by drawing mind maps. Mind maps helps you to connect the different concepts together and make links between the different topics.

2. It’s personal.

Another great thing about the handwritten method of note-taking is that it enables you to customise your notes according to your preferences as a learner. You may use different coloured pens to instantly make a word or phrase stand out. You may even use highlighters and sticky notes to really make something pop and to let you know that this is an important information.

3. It allows flexibility.

The use of pen and paper gives you the liberty to be very flexible. You can write in whatever way you want. You can even add in little doodles while you’re at it if that’s an effective way to keep yourself alive and entertained during discussions. Solving chemistry problems are also easier because it is free form and is not restrained by a software.

4. It’s easily available.

Pen and paper can easily be stored in your bag. It is very lightweight and compact. You can practically bring it anywhere as opposed to a laptop or tablet which are a little bit heavier in weight. Gadgets also need to be charged for it to function as required. If it happens that you forget to recharge or bring your charger to class, you won’t be able to do your note-taking.

Why Go Digital?

1. It’s neat.

A big difference between traditional and digital is the the fact that it’s more legible this way. If you’re the type of student who doesn’t have a really good penmanship, there may be a huge chance that when you look back and review your notes, it would be hard for you to decipher some words. It doesn’t really do any help and you might even have to borrow a friend’s notes just to validate yours. This would be totally avoidable if it was just type-written on a word processing software.

2. It’s convenient.

We live in this digital age where you can do everything on a device and process them online. If you type fast, taking notes may just go by like a breeze. Typographical errors can easily be avoided because of autocorrect features. In fact, you may also easily add necessary media such as tables, graphs, images, and videos if this will help you.

3. It’s shareable.

Another convenience of the traditional way of note-taking is that it is shareable. You don’t have to photocopy your notes for you can just transfer it on a flash drive or send it online. It’s so much more convenient this way because you can easily and quickly share information to your study buddies especially to those who are far away from you and are unable to meet you in person.

Whether you’re used to the traditional way of note-taking or you think the digital way is effective for your learning, it’s really all up to you! Always remember that it is not the tool that matters most, it’s how you make the most out of them.

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