What Makes Tuition Classes Effective?

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By Donnell Koh | 24 February 2019

Have you ever encountered a really difficult topic in class that you needed to do some extra work to fully understand the lesson? Did you try approaching your classmates, organising study sessions, or staying up all night in the hopes of catching up? If any of these worked, then great! But if it didn’t, then maybe, these methods don’t really work for you. But don’t worry, we know a great and highly effective way that will surely help you with your dilemma.

How? Get some professional help. We are talking about tuition classes, facilitated by specialised teachers to help students understand concepts that may not be easily grasped at school. Here’s how tuition classes are helpful.

1. The size

Some tuitions are held in group sessions while some are done on a one-on-one basis. Either way, there are more chances of communicating directly with your teacher. In a tuition setup, any questions and other clarifications from students may be easily brought up and addressed.

2. The pacing

Also, you study at your own pace. There is no pressure to compete with your classmates. You don’t have to be shy whenever you don’t understand a concept. As a matter of fact, clarifications are highly encouraged to ensure optimal understanding of lessons. You’re not in a normal school setup where there’s a set of rubrics to be followed. Tuitions are safe places for you to improve as a learner.

How do you know if a tuition is effective?

1. It has an objective. The objective should be clear between the teacher and the students. It is usually told before the start of every lecture. The objective should cover the topics to be tackled without overwhelming the students.

2. The environment is conducive for interaction. Students should not feel scared to ask queries whenever things are not clear to them. Participation is highly encouraged and no one is afraid of being judged. Better yet, consultations are open every after session to clarify anything that may seem confusing to the the students.

3. Students receive feedback. Feedback is a way for the students to be aware of their progress. It’s also a good time to give words of encouragement and motivation that may help boost the student’s morale.

4. You are allowed to pause and rewind when you need it. When the lesson appears as a blur, the teacher makes time to “pause” to “rewind” a bit. You can go back to the part where you might have missed or not fully understood. The teacher allows this because he knows that thorough understanding of each concept is necessary for effective learning.

5. There are hands-on exercises. One way to really test if you got a firm grasp of the lesson is by doing practice tests. These will test your knowledge if you got them or if you need more reinforcements.

Tuitions are an effective way for you to get the desired grades you’re aiming for. Perhaps one of the most difficult subjects in class is chemistry. Luckily, Twig Learning Center is here to help you on that. If you need more help when it comes to your A-Level Chemistry, Twig offers JC Chemistry Tuition that can help you ace your exams in just less than 6 months. Whatsapp 97486339, or email us at hello@twig.sg to avail our trial class!

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