A Level H2 Chemistry Lessons are now on Twig® TV

Now you can attend the A Level H2 Chemistry lessons at Twig Learning Center online at an affordable rate. All the video lessons are screen-recorded and you will be experiencing exactly the same lessons as students attending the center but at about half the fee.  You will get the notes and materials via courier. All lessons are taught by much-sought-after Chemistry tutor Donnell Koh who has personally taught A Level H2 Chemistry Tuition to thousands of students since 2003.

All fee includes delivery of notes

1. Redox (3 lessons) $180
2. Atomic Structure (2 lessons) $120
3. Acid-Base Equilibria (3.5 lessons) $210
3. Solubility Equilibria (1.5 lessons) $90
4. Arenes (2 lessons) $120
5. Alkylhalides (3 lessons) $180
6. Alcohols (2.5 lessons) $150
7. Carbonyl Compounds (2.5 lessons) $150

Please whatsapp 83387476 for more information.