8 easy study tips for effective learning

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By Donnell Koh | 16 July 2019

Learning chemistry is difficult, no matter what age you’re at. It requires dedication and commitment. Fortunately, it’s much easier to learn in a chemistry tuition centre instead.

However, not all students are capable of understanding chemistry at the same level. Even with the best instructors and classroom set-ups, some students find it difficult to study chemistry.

If you’re one of these students who need help, don’t worry! Here are 8 easy tips for effective learning in general:

  1. Be organised

Prepare for class and be organised with basic school supplies such as pencils/pens and a notebook. Use your notebook as a planner or journal to keep a note of everything important the instructor has to say. Note down crucial tasks, assignments, or projects; in case you forget a task or lesson, you can simply read them in your journal.

  1. Make outlines

Since writing down notes is an essential part of learning, how you should do it also matters. Make outlines of your notes and keep the most important bits close together. This way, you’ll understand your notes much better.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask

We all know chemistry is filled jargon and intricate terms unfamiliar to the average person. This makes it important for students to engage with the instructor and ask questions without hesitation. You can also seek help from your classmate if you’re finding it hard to understand a certain lesson.

  1. Avoid distractions

There’s a reason why most classrooms don’t allow the use of mobile phones. This is to avoid distractions not for yourself, but for everyone that might be affected. It’s best to turn off your mobile phones so you can focus on the lesson at hand.

Other distractions also include noise. Avoid this by steering away from the source of the noise as much as possible.

  1. Right your wrongs

Just had an exam full of mistakes? Don’t blame yourself. If you’ve had an exam or project that’s filled with errors, try to discover where you went wrong instead. The problem might be rooted in your approach to studying or you might have poor memory. Whatever the case, review your mistakes so you can avoid making the same errors in the future.

  1. Memorisation is the key

If you’re going to study organic chemistry in Singapore, it’s important to know that memorisation is the core of learning. Chemistry revolves around concepts and formulas, so it’s difficult to fully understand the basics without memorising them.

In fact, memorisation is the key to basic learning. You just need to know which factors are worth memorising.

  1. Choose a strategy

Everyone learns at their own pace. Each of us has a speciality when it comes to studying. What’s your choice of strategy for learning?

  • Visual – Learn by utilising images. Make charts, diagrams, or maps of lessons to understand better.
  • Aural – This style is obtained through listening. Pay attention to the teacher to retain every bit of information.
  • Reading/Writing– This is learning through reading and writing written words.
  • Kinesthetic– Understand concepts by creating personal experiences or by going through tactile processes.
  1. Plan ahead

When the teacher has instructed you with assignments or lessons to learn for the following day, make a study plan. Schedule tasks for you to accomplish at a given time so you can know when to focus on studying.

Once you’re ready to learn with these efficient tips, why not study at the best chemistry tuition in Singapore? Contact Twig Learning Center at 6597486339 or send us an email at hello@twig.sg. We’ll make sure you’re well-tutored in chemistry in no time!

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