What makes chemistry a tough challenge to learn?

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By Donnell Koh | 9 August 2019

If you’ve ever studied chemistry, you already know how difficult the subject is. Even if an expert chemistry teacher in Singapore is teaching you in the best ways possible, some lessons are just too hard to grasp in one sitting.

While most modern classroom set-ups have made it easier for students to learn chemistry, learning the subject is still a challenge. What are some of the reasons that make chemistry difficult anyway?

There’s a lot of math

Chemistry incorporates a lot of mathematics, making it tough for students to easily understand the subject.

This can be even more difficult for students who find math challenging on its own. This is why it’s better to learn the basics of algebra and geometry before diving into chemistry.

Classes aren’t enough

The most common complaint about chemistry is how you’ll have to continue studying more about it after class. Once you’ll step out of the classroom, you’ll have to do a lot of extra work that includes studying.

It’s highly recommended for students to study chemistry, even when they’re outside the classroom.  There are many assignments, projects, and lessons to invest in, even when classes are finished! This makes it extra tough for the student as a result.

There are many technical terms

With so many concepts and formulas, chemistry has a language of its own. It’s riddled with jargon, making it harder for students to memorise every technical term. It also doesn’t help that there are a total of 118 elements with a unique system of writing equations, making a language of its own.

To learn chemistry, it’s not enough to study its concepts. You also have to interpret its technical terms as accurate as possible.

Pressure and stress

Sometimes, pressure and stress are enough to discourage students. Due to the intimidating nature of chemistry, most students find it tough even before classes start.

Chemistry is intimidating, no doubt about it. This pressures students to become more attentive in class. 

Not taught correctly

Many instructors specialise in chemistry, but not all of them are skilled at teaching. It’s understandable since chemistry is already difficult to learn on its own.
To learn chemistry is hard enough, but to teach it in is even harder. There are many details to take note of, so the teacher needs to deliver them to the students in an understandable manner.

What’s the solution?

There’s no quick solution to making chemistry easier for students. The subject itself is hard to understand since its concepts are too complex for the average person to understand in one sitting.

However, learning chemistry is much better if it’s taught at a tuition center in Singapore that offers special courses. There are experts willing to teach chemistry at a more accessible level to make it easier for students.

If you want to learn chemistry the easy way, contact Twig Learning Center at 6597486339 or send an email at hello@twig.sg. We’re an ‘A’ level tuition centre that offers interactive chemistry classes to make learning much easier for the average student.

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