Let’s be frank. Chemistry is not an easy subject to master. The learning curve is steep. There is more content to learn in 2 years of JC than the entire triple science content at O level all put together. Here at Twig, we make the subject easy to manage as concepts delivery is ‘to-the-point’.

Mr Donnell Koh has an exceptional ability in explaining difficult, abstract chemistry concepts in a way that students will come out of the class feeling totally enlightened. Students will learn important key words to explain concepts for application during examinations. These key words are in bold and highlighted clearly in his notes. During lessons he also highlights the common misconceptions that students make in the study of Chemistry. Memorising is kept at a minimum as his teaching focuses on understanding. If the student understands, there is really very little to memorise.

Sometimes, Mr Koh teaches beyond the syllabus, and that allows students to understand the subject more holistically. There is a need for students to see the link between theory and question. Lessons are interactive and all students are encouraged to participate in class. His lessons are never one-way. He is constantly throwing open-ended questions at students during lessons to test their understanding.

Layout of the classroom is spacious and uncluttered, unlike some tuition centres. In fact, all chairs and tables are arranged in such a way that allows the teacher to walk around and monitor the work done by the students. Mini assignments are given to students after every topic and once completed, they are marked and returned to them. This is a form of feedback for students to check on their understanding and ensure that they are able to apply the concepts learnt.

Mr Donnell Koh is an approachable tutor for Chemistry as you can read from the many testimonials. In addition, many students do stay back to ask him questions and clarify their doubts. Donnell will answer queries of all his students no matter how busy he is. Students do look forward to his lessons every week even after a long day in school.